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Nathaniel Butler
Associate Professor

Nat Butler is an astrophysicist interested in the properties and evolution of the early universe.

Amanda Clarke
Associate Professor

Amanda Clarke is an associate professor whose research focuses on the physics of volcanic eruptions.

ISTB4 767
Christopher Groppi
Associate Professor

Christopher Groppi is an experimental astrophysicist interested in the process of star and planet formation and the interstellar medium.

ISTB4 Room 697 781 Terrace Rd.
Hilairy Hartnett
Associate Professor

Hartnett has joint appointments in the School of Earth and Space Exploration and in the School of Molecular Sciences. Her current research interests are in the areas of biogeochemistry and organic geochemistry.

Sang-Heon Shim
Associate Professor

Dan Shim's research interests are centered on the physical and chemical properties of materials at high pressures and temperature, and the structure and evolution of Earth and planetary interiors.

Heather Throop
Associate Professor

Throop is an ecosystem scientist who studies how global-scale changes influence arid and semi-arid ecosystems. She is co-director of the Environmental Life Sciences PhD program.

Associate Professor

Patrick Young is an astrophysicist and astrobiologist who simulates stellar evolution, supernovae, and the synthesis of elements. He also studies planetary habitability and target selection for future life-detection missions.

PSF 638
Melanie Barboni
Assistant Professor

Melanie Barboni is an isotope geochemist/igneous petrologist whose research focuses on understanding magmatic systems, both on Earth and other planetary bodies.

School of Earth and Space Exploration ISTB4 - room 577
Sanchayeeta Borthakur
Asst Professor

Borthakur is an observational astronomer specializing in extragalactic astronomy. Her research focuses on understanding how galaxies exchange matter and energy from their surroundings and grow via such processes.