Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Spring 2022 School of Earth and Space Exploration Colloquium Series.

Colloquia take place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Presently, the following dates are slated to be Zoom-only: 1/26, 2/9, and 3/2. The rest will either be in-person in the Marston Theater on the first floor of ISTB4 or are TBD. Those attending in person will be expected to abide by ASU’s COVID rules for classrooms and other gatherings.

For more information, please contact Professor Ariel Anbar, colloquium committee chair.

Recordings of presentations are linked from the talk titles and answers to student questions can be found below under Supplementary Materials. Schedules, speakers, and materials from previous semesters' Colloquia are accessible on the archive page.




Talk Title

Jan 19

Vernon Morris

ASU New College

An Overview of the AERosols and Ocean Science Expeditions (AEREOSE):
Research Cruises Integrating Inclusive Geoscience and Translational Impact

Jan 26

Catherine Macris

Indiana University Purdue University

Seconds after Impact: Insights into Impact Processes from Ultra-High Temperature Experiments
Presented via Zoom only

Feb 2

James Keane


Geophysics at the Edge of the Solar System: the New Horizons Flyby of Arrokoth

Feb 9

Fran Bagenal

University of Colorado Boulder

NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter - Extended!
Presented via Zoom only

Feb 16

Mingming Li

School of Earth and Space Exploration

Unstable Structure and Dynamics in Earth's Deepest Mantle

Feb 23 Chen Zhu Indiana University Bloomington How Are Geochemical Reactions in Aquifers Connected to Climate Change Mitigation?
Mar 2 Nicole LaDue Northern Illinois University Beneath the Crust of Active Learning: How Engagement Promotes Successful Learning and Persistence
Presented via Zoom only
Mar 16 Sarah Tuttle University of Washington To Be Determined
Mar 23 Brent Sherwood Blue Origin Blue Origin: Status and Strategy
Mar 30 SESE Postdocs School of Earth and Space Exploration To Be Determined
Apr 6 Kelsey Johnson University of Virginia The Importance of 'Awe' in the Sciences
Apr 13 SESE Graduate Students School of Earth and Space Exploration To Be Determined
Apr 20 Rogier Windhorst School of Earth and Space Exploration Project SKYSURF: How to Hide the Light From 10 More Jupiters (in the Solar System?), and How to Hide it Well
Apr 27 SESE Leadership School of Earth and Space Exploration State of SESE

Supplementary Materials

View the recorded Zoom webinar by clicking on the talk title in the Spring 2022 table above. Not all presentations may be recorded.