Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Fall 2021 School of Earth and Space Exploration Colloquium Series.

Colloquia take place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Presentations will be offered in a hybrid mode and can be viewed via Zoom or in-person in the Marston Exploration Theater on the first floor of ISTB4. Those attending in person will be expected to abide by ASU’s COVID rules for classrooms and other gatherings.

For more information, please contact Professor Ariel Anbar, colloquium committee chair.

Recordings of presentations are linked from the talk titles and answers to student questions can be found below under Supplementary Materials. Schedules, speakers, and materials from previous semesters' Colloquia are accessible on the archive page.

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title
Aug 25 SESE Leadership ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration Community Conversation
Sept 1 William Banerdt JPL Insights Inside Mars from an InSight Insider
Sept 8 Laura Kerber JPL Exploring Moon Caves: Geological Delights and Engineering Challenges
Sept 15 SESE Postdoc Presentations ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration Carver Bierson, Tim Carleton, William Cramer, Suyu Fu, James Jackman, Christine O'Donnell
Sept 22 Danny Jacobs ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration First Results from HERA, the Decade-long Project to Understand the Improbable Birth of the First Stars at the Dawn of Time
Sept 29 Betül Kaçar University of Wisconsin Exploring Life's Early Evolution Using Ancient Enzymes as Paleosensors
Oct 6 Farah Alibay JPL Perseverance and Ingenuity Mission Updates
Oct 13 Fran Bagenal University of Colorado Think Global, Act Local: Demographics of the Space Sciences
Oct 20 Kim Lau Penn State Mass Extinction and Ocean Anoxia: A "New" Tool and a New Paradigm
Oct 27 Jorge Moreno Pomona College Not All Galaxies Have Dark Matter
Nov 3 Wendy Smythe UMN Duluth Indigenous Geoscience Community: Creating Capacity and Safe Spaces
Nov 10 Sumner Starrfield ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration Lithium from the Big Bang to Batteries and Points Between
Nov 17 TBD ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration SESE Student Presentations
Dec 1 Gordon Osinski U.W. Ontario The Role of Meteorite Impacts in the Origin of Life on Earth and Beyond

Supplementary Materials

View the recorded Zoom webinar by clicking on the talk title in the Fall 2021 table above. Not all presentations may be recorded.

8/25/2021 Community Conversation talking points: Karen Anderson, Hilairy Hartnett, Meenakshi Wadhwa

9/15/2021 SESE Postdocs:

Carver Bierson “Why is Io Rocky and Ganymede Icy?” answers to student questions

Christine O’Donnell “A New Model for Culturally Responsive Citizen Science-Based Curriculum” answers to student questions

10/6/2021 Farah Alibay "Perseverance and Ingenuity Mission Updates" answers to student questions
10/13/2021 Fran Bagenal "Think Global, Act Local: Demographics of the Space Sciences" link to the Planetary Science Workforce Surveystalking points, and Q and A session