Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Fall 2023 School of Earth and Space Exploration Colloquium Series.

Colloquia take place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Marston Theater on the first floor of ISTB4 virtually and in person. Those attending in person will be expected to abide by ASU’s COVID rules for classrooms and other gatherings.

For more information, please contact francis.timmes@asu.edu, colloquium committee chair.

Recordings of presentations are linked from the talk titles and answers to student questions can be found below under Supplementary Materials. Schedules, speakers, and materials from previous semesters' Colloquia are accessible on the archive page.




Talk Title

Aug 23 Arya Udry University of Nevada - Las Vegas

How Do We Study the Martian Interior and Surficial Magmatic Processes on Mars?

Aug 30  Julie Castillo-Rogez JPL Dynamical Habitability Driven by Volatiles Cycling in Icy Moons and Dwarf Planets
Sep 6 ASU  SESE Community Conversation 
Sep 13 Christina Richey JPL Let’s Talk IDEA in Planetary Science
Sep 20 Cristina Thomas Northern Arizona University Telescope Observations in Support of NASA's DART Mission: Determining the Orbital Period Change and Studying the Ejecta Evolution
Sep 27  Patrick Kamieneski Alexandra Pye ASU TBD
Oct 4  Alan Dressler Carnegie Science  TBD
Oct 11 ASU SESE Community Conversation 
Oct 18  Darcy Barron U. New Mexico Precision Measurements of the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Oct 25 Nithin Sividas Boston University TBD
Nov 1  ASU SESE Community Conversation 
Nov 8  Wendy Calvin University of Nevada - Reno The Curious Southern Ice Dome on Mars: Observations, Models and New Developments
Nov 15  Tanmoy Laskar University of Utah TBD
Nov 29  Kurt Leinenweber ASU TBD
Dec 6 ASU SESE Community Conversation

Supplementary Materials

Supplementary materials for Fall 2023 will be found here after the presentation.


Speaker Materials