The majority of students accepted into a School of Earth and Space Exploration research-based graduate program (MS or PhD in Astrophysics, MS or PhD in Geological Sciences and PhD in Exploration Systems Design) are offered financial support for the academic year (August-May) by means of a Graduate Assistant position. Research/Teaching Assistantships are considered for renewal as long as students remain in good standing in the graduate program and satisfy all requirements and obligations of their assistantships. MS students typically receive 2 years of guaranteed financial support and PhD students typically receive 5 years of guaranteed financial support. Financial support may extend beyond these timeframes pending availability of funds. Students not requiring financial support may elect not to receive an assistantship and should indicate this in their admissions application.

Full financial support entails:

  • Stipend – currently in the amount of $24,586 per academic year (9 months)
  • Possible summer stipends up to $8,195 (3 months)

Highly qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for a graduate fellowship from the National Science Foundation in the beginning of their senior college year.


A tuition remission is provided for all students who receive full RA or TA support, are registered for a minimum of six graduate-level credit hours per semester (not including audit hours), and who maintain satisfactory progress toward their degree requirements. Part-time RAs or TAs may receive prorated tuition remission. Tuition remission does not cover extra fees and surcharges. See the tuition and fees website for more details on extra fees and surcharges.

Health Benefits

The university covers the cost of individual health insurance premiums for full TAs and RAs who are registered for a minimum of six credit hours per semester (not including audit hours). Part-time RAs or TAs may receive prorated health insurance.

More information on this plan can be found at ASU Health Services.

For more information about Graduate TA/RA Assistantships please see the Graduate College website.


Please check our scholarship page for funding opportunities.

Student Emergency Fund

Visit the Student Emergency Fund website for students who encounter critical financial situations.