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Undergraduate Scholarships

Current and former scholarship recipients can be found on the Awards and Accolades page.

Ronald Greeley Planetary Science Scholarship for undergraduate students

The Ronald Greeley Planetary Science Scholarship is supported by an endowment in the ASU Foundation established by Cynthia (Cindy) Greeley in honor of her late husband, Regents’ Professor Ronald Greeley, a recognized founder of the field of modern-day planetary geology, and a respected and beloved member of the School of Earth and Space Exploration community. Many of Ron's colleagues, friends, and family members have made donations to build the endowment. This scholarship is open to Arizona and non-Arizona residents, involves an undergraduate research project with a faculty member and is renewable if recipients meet the criteria of eligibility. This scholarship is awarded in the fall semester following the call for applications in the earlier spring semester, thus graduating seniors are not eligible for this award. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship should complete the application form (PDF).

Ravi DeFilippo Geology Field Camp Scholarship

The Ravi DeFilippo Geology Field Camp Scholarship is an award for School of Earth and Space Exploration students taking Field Geology II (GLG452). It is named after our friend and alumnus, Ravi DeFilippo, who died in a mining accident in 2010. This award is made possible by gifts from Ravi’s family and friends to honor his memory and his love of field geology. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship should complete the application form (PDF).

Robert S. Dietz Field Camp Scholarships

For many years, the Robert S. Dietz Field Camp Scholarships were funded by Professor Robert S. Dietz using his own personal resources. Now, the school carries on this tradition in his memory awarding the scholarships to support students who are majoring in geology. These students must complete field camp in order to complete their degree. The school awards the scholarships to multiple students who are enrolled in the field geology courses to help pay the required fees for the courses. Awarding of these scholarships will be based on financial need and on academic ability as demonstrated by previous course work in geology. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship should complete the application form (PDF).

First Generation Scholarships

First-generation college students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may apply for over $40,000 in scholarships. First generation scholarship applications are available each spring and scholarships are awarded and distributed for the fall and spring semesters. There are several different scholarships with varied application criteria. Only one application is required for all scholarships. Students will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible.

Geosciences Alumni Scholarship

The Geosciences Alumni Scholarship (GAS) is an annual scholarship based on the contributions of ASU Geoscience alumni and friends of the geological science. This scholarship is intended for junior or senior undergraduate students and first or second year graduate students majoring in the geosciences.

LEAP Scholars Program

The LEAP Scholars Program provides transfer students the opportunity to conduct research with scientists at ASU. As a transfer student enrolled in the LEAP Scholars Program, you will learn how to maximize your scientific research experience. The LEAP Scholars Program is a four-semester-long program for incoming, community college transfer students. LEAP scholars will learn about undergraduate research, conduct research in an ASU faculty member’s lab, mentor incoming LEAP scholars, and present research to the scientific community. By participating in the program, LEAP scholars receive a $3,000 scholarship per semester for a maximum of four semesters, which is intended to alleviate the need to work while going to school so that you can focus on your research. For more information about the program or applying please visit: https://sols.asu.edu/research/research-scholarships-transfer-students or contact Katelyn.Cooper@asu.edu.

NASA Space Grant Program

Space Grant supports graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of disciplines to further their educational experiences in science, engineering research, and informal education programs. 

The Nininger Meteorite Award

The Nininger Meteorite Award was established in 1965 through a gift from Dr. H.H. Nininger and his wife, Addie. Dr. Nininger is the individual from who ASU purchased the meteorites that make up the core collection in School of Earth and Space Exploration's Center for Meteorite Studies. The award was established to promote the study of meteoritics among young scientists (undergraduates and/or graduate students can apply). Applicants submit papers which are reviewed by an international panel of planetary scientists.

Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship

The College Alumni International Scholarship for Study and Travel Abroad