Is this your first year at ASU?

First-year students (not including ASU Online students) receive advising support in Armstrong Hall.

First-Year Advising


Have general advising questions?  Please email:

Rebecca (Becky) Polley
Manager, Academic Programs Office
Phone: (480) 965-5768
Office: ISTB4 7th Floor (School of Earth and Space Exploration main office)

Kelli Wallace
Academic Success Advisor (for all Tempe campus SESE undergraduate programs)
Phone: (480) 727-3584
Office: ISTB4 7th Floor (School of Earth and Space Exploration main office)

Rebecca (Becca) Dial
Academic Success Advising Coordinator
Phone: (480) 965-2213
Office: ISTB4 7th Floor (School of Earth and Space Exploration main office)


How to schedule an appointment (30 minutes):

  • Current Earth and Space Exploration majors can schedule an appointment by logging into your My ASU page and navigating to Academic Support Team > Academic Advising.
  • Prospective students interested in School of Earth and Space Exploration programs who would like to get more information about our degrees, please email us at with a brief message about what questions you have and we'll work with you to schedule an appointment. 

If a student is running late or cannot make the scheduled appointment, he/she should notify the advisor with whom the appointment is scheduled ASAP. Students who are more than 10 minutes late may be asked to reschedule their appointment.

 Advisor Responsibilities

  • Assist students in the planning of their academic schedules 
  • Clarify requirements, policies, and procedures 
  • Help track progress towards graduation 
  • Evaluate transfer credit needed for our degree programs (geology, astronomy, and earth science courses only)

When to seek advising

  • New students (freshmen and transfer). Please call 480-965-6506 to schedule an appointment.
  • Students on probation or with deficiencies
  • Questions regarding policies and procedures 
  • Repeating Courses 
  • Course selection for upcoming semesters 
  • Questions regarding progress towards graduation 
  • Advising holds/eAdvisor holds on your account

Preparing for your advising appointment:

  • Check your Major Map and run your DARS report to review your degree requirements.
  • Read the course descriptions and prerequisites for courses before your advising session.
  • Make a list of questions you want to discuss with your advisor before the appointment.
  • Make a tentative class schedule if planning to discuss registration.
  • Fill out all student portions of any forms that require advisor review and signatures and email it to your advisor before your appointment. This includes items such as SAP reviews, petitions, consortium agreements, etc.
  • Have some paper and a pen ready to take notes.


Zoom Virtual Drop-in Advising (10-15 minutes)

Drop-in advising is a quick check-in with an advisor for items such as:

  • Making sure your class schedule is correct
  • Adding a minor
  • Doing a graduation check
  • Getting answers for quick questions
  • Having forms signed by an advisor (student portion of form must be completed when emailed to advisor)

Drop-ins are for continuing ASU students only. Students can drop into the advisor's Zoom meeting room any time during the time allotted. Students are placed into a virtual waiting room and then admitted to the advisor's room individually on a first come, first serve basis, so just hang out in the waiting room until the advisor connects with you. The last student will be taken 15 minutes prior to the end time listed on the drop-in calendar, so please drop-in well before the end time to make sure you get a chance to speak with an advisor. 

View the drop-in calendar

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Mentoring

All School of Earth and Space Exploration majors have a Faculty Mentoring Milestone listed as a critical requirement on their Major Map in Terms 2 and 4. The purpose of this requirement is to help you connect with someone working in your field to ask questions about the types of things you can do with your degree after graduation and to get helpful suggestions about the things you should be doing as an undergraduate to work towards meeting those long-term goals.  

Your faculty mentor can help you figure out what things you need to do to start preparing for graduate school or finding a job in your chosen field, or they may be able to help you pinpoint the different types of things you can do with your specific degree. It’s an awesome benefit that allows you to connect with the School of Earth and Space Exploration in a different way and find opportunities that you otherwise may not know about. Take advantage of it!

Important Notes:

  1. It is your responsibility to email your mentor to request a meeting.  Don’t wait until the last week of the semester to do this - professors are busy at the end of the semester just like students. 
  2. Make sure to use your ASU email address with the extension when emailing faculty so they recognize you are affiliated with the university.  Your email is also much less likely to end up in their junk folder using your email.

Find your mentor here