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Many SESE faculty and staff members are involved in improving science literacy of students, teachers, and the general public, both regionally and worldwide. Their efforts include numerous outreach activities in local communities, such as teaching classes, running workshops, and leading field trips for K-12 teachers.

Many SESE faculty, staff, and graduate students give talks to the general public on geology, astronomy, and meteorites. SESE faculty regularly appear on educational television shows, such as those for PBS and the Discovery Channel, and also are featured in continuously running videos at the American Museum of Natural History and the Arizona Science Center. Faculty have been actively involved in the development of content for science-oriented motion pictures, such as the MacGillivray-Freeman Films IMAX/IWERKS release Everest.

SESE faculty hold leadership roles of education and outreach activities for the EarthScope Project and research and design activities for the Trail of Time at Grand Canyon National Park. Faculty have helped develop educational displays at national, state, and city parks, and have helped educate park rangers and docents at these parks. SESE runs the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies, which has a display of meteorites; its exhibits are open to the public and receive thousands of K-12 students each year.

Astronomers at ASU lead programs at open-house events where the public can peer through telescopes set up on the rooftops of ASU buildings. Many faculty maintain high-visibility websites, such as those on Arizona Geology and recent discoveries on Mars. Finally, SESE faculty have written textbooks for college classrooms, books for the general public, and articles in non-specialist science magazines, such as Scientific American.

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