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Graduate Scholarships

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Graduate Scholarships

First Year Fellowship (FYF) Program

The FYF Program recognizes outstanding incoming graduate students in all of the research areas within the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). The FYF Program seeks to award incoming graduate students who exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of SESE and whose first-year activities would be enhanced through this award.

Summer Exploration Graduate (SEG) Fellowship Program

The SEG Fellowship Program encourages and supports summer exploration activities by graduate students (MS or PhD) in all of the research areas within the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). The SEG Fellowship Program seeks creative and innovative ideas from graduate students to augment, improve or complement their on-going research efforts via a new exploration-based activity.

Graduate College Fellowship Opportunities

The Graduate College at ASU provides opportunities for SESE graduate students, including the Completion Fellowship (due dates of March, April, and November) for students nearing completion of a PhD dissertation and the Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship (due date of March) for recently admitted graduate students.

Graduate College Conference Travel Grants

Conference Travel Grants reimburse graduate students the cost of airfare (maximum $350) to support student participation in professional conferences.

NASA Space Grant Program

Space Grant supports graduate and undergraduate students in a variety of disciplines to further their educational experiences in science, engineering research, and informal education programs.

The Nininger Meteorite Award

The Nininger Meteorite Award was established in 1965 through a gift from Dr. H.H. Nininger and his wife, Addie. Dr. Nininger is the individual from whom ASU purchased the meteorites that make up the core collection in SESE’s Center for Meteorite Studies. The award was established to promote the study of meteoritics among young scientists (undergraduates and/or graduate students can apply). Applicants submit papers which are reviewed by a national panel of meteorite scientists.

Geosciences Alumni Scholarship

The Geosciences Alumni Scholarship (GAS) is an annual scholarship based on the contributions of ASU Geoscience alumni and friends of the geological science. This scholarship is intended for junior or senior undergraduate students and first or second year graduate students majoring in the geosciences.

Troy L. Péwé Vision Fellowship in Quaternary Studies

This $1,000 award was established in honor of the late Troy Péwé, professor of geology at ASU. The Péwé Fellowship will support graduate students in field-oriented studies in environmental geology, including the interactions of humans and their environment. This is to include periglacial studies (Alaska and Antarctica), the Grand Canyon, and the Desert Southwest with a focus on some of these areas: climate change, permafrost, seasonal frost, mass movements, stratigraphy and glacial chronology. Must be at least one year out of school between masters and doctorate enrollment and have a 3.0 cumulative gpa. The school may elect to use either a nomination or application process.