Explore the latest discoveries about Earth's solar system, galaxy and universe. Join the students and faculty in astronomy who are building space-flight hardware, making astronomical observations, discovering new planets, exploring cosmology and engineering new instruments for telescopes and satellites.

If you want to explore Earth's solar system as well as our galaxy and the universe, the minor in astrophysics is ideal for you. Students and faculty in astrophysics investigate astronomical happenings, discover the meaning behind the cosmological principle, design experiments to address scientific programs, and develop new instruments for further space exploration.

Are you interested in geology-related careers, internships or graduate school opportunities? Enhance your prospects with this program that emphasizes necessary field-based geologic skills.

Are you interested in discovering more about Earth's present, past and future? Join students and faculty who are exploring the physics and chemistry of Earth's interior, mapping surface processes and structures, applying novel analysis techniques to earth materials, and investigating Earth-climate interactions.

With a jobs outlook for water resources increasing at a rate faster than other job averages (more than 11% by 2024, U.S. B.L.S.), the demand for individuals with industry-specific skills is clear. This jobs growth will likely accelerate, as water resources are irreplaceable yet in rising demand as populations grow.