Major Course Planning Sheets

BS in Earth & Space Exploration (basic)

BS in Earth & Space Exploration (Astrobiology & Biogeosciences)

BS in Earth & Space Exploration (Astrophysics)

BS in Earth & Space Exploration (Geological Sciences)

BS in Earth & Space Exploration (Exploration System Design)

BS in Astronomical and Planetary Sciences - online

BA in Earth & Environmental Studies

Request for Undergraduate Research Credit

Individualized Instruction Contract

Click the button above and follow the instructions on the form to request to earn course credit for undergraduate research with a School of Earth and Space faculty member. Completed forms should be emailed to

Senior/Barrett Thesis Information and Application

If you are going into your last year with SESE and are hoping to go to graduate school, a thesis is a great opportunity for you to get some useful experience to add to your graduate application!
The SESE Senior Thesis options include:
General SESE Senior/Barrett Thesis:
This option is available to all SESE immersion majors who are interested in completing a Senior Thesis, or Barrett Thesis for Barrett students, in addition to all their regular degree requirements. This opportunity is available to the following majors: Earth and Environmental Studies and all Earth and Space Exploration majors/concentrations.
ESE Senior or Barrett Thesis in Lieu of the Capstone:
This option is available to students with a minimum of a 3.25 GPA and in the following majors: ESE (no concentration), ESE (Astrophysics), ESE (Astrobiology/Biogeosciences) and ESE (Geo Sci) who are interested in completing a Senior or Barrett Thesis as a substitute for the regular capstone experience in their major. The thesis courses will satisfy SES 410/411 for ESE no concentration, Astrophysics and Astrobiology/Biogeosciences majors and GLG 451/452 for ESE Geo Sci majors.

  • The deadline for this application is 11:59PM on March 1. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • You must identify and receive approval from a faculty advisor before submitting your application and they must fill out the appropriate items according to the checklist on the application form. 
  • You must upload your complete application as a single PDF to the following Dropbox site: using the naming convention LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.

Procedure guide  Important details about the options, processes, and requirements

Application form  Application instructions and fillable form

Undergraduate Advising Forms

Enrollment Change Request (ECR)

An enrollment change request form is used to request late adds, swaps or withdrawals after the add/drop deadline. Late add or course swap requests must include instructor permission for the course that a student is requesting to add. Completed ECR forms should be submitted to the SESE Academic Programs Office at

Credit Overload

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students are typically capped at 18 credits per semester (9 per A/B session and 18 per C session) or 7 credits in each summer session. Students may petition to take more than 18 credits in a specific semester by submitting a Credit Overload Petition. Forms should be submitted directly to the student’s academic advisor and must be submitted prior to the start of the session for which the overload is being requested.

Complete withdrawal

A complete withdrawal form is for students who would like to drop all courses within a specific session (A, B, C). The form should be submitted to the SESE Academic Programs Office at

Concurrent degree petition

A concurrent degree petition is for students who wish to add a concurrent degree in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. If one of the two degrees is not in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the student may need to follow an additional process for the other degree/college. More information on The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences policies regarding concurrent degrees can be found here: Concurrent degree petitions should be submitted to

Override requests

Override requests are needed if a student cannot enroll in class due to a prerequisite issue, instructor/department consent hold, time-conflict issue, or the course is full. Documentation of instructor permission for the override must be included.

SESE can only approve overrides for AST, GLG and SES courses on the Tempe Campus. Override requests for other subjects must be submitted directly to the department/school offering the course.

Medical compassionate withdrawal (MCW)

MCW requests are for students who have encountered unforeseen medical or personal circumstances that have affected their academic studies. Please see the MCW website for more information on the eligibility requirements, process and documentation needed:

3rd time petition

A third-time petition is needed for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences majors who would like to request permission to take a course for a third time. The form should be submitted to the SESE Academic Programs Office at Third time petitions should be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of the semester.

Probation success plan

A probation success plan is for students who have less than a 2.0 GPA and have a PROBATION notice on their account. The student will need to complete the probation success plan and schedule an appointment to meet with their advisor before any related registration holds are removed.

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