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Scientific researchers at ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration are available to provide informal education, including talks and interactive activities on popular science subjects to classrooms and community groups in the Phoenix area. Such subjects include recent discoveries in astronomy, cosmology, Earth science, and planetary science.

Select the button below for a list of speakers and topics currently available, and teachers and organizers from local groups are encouraged to select speakers from this list. A speaker's name links to a profile page which includes contact information. 

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Light and Meaning in Astrophysics

Undergraduate students from Professor Ellen Murray Messinger's Color and Sustainability fall semester course at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts were asked to bridge science and art to create an original piece of artwork. Working with guest instructor Patrick Young from School of Earth and Space Exploration, and utilizing multi-color data from the Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory, this Virtual Gallery Show highlights the students’ artwork, their inspiration, and what they chose to communicate with their art. View the collection of student artwork.

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The School of Earth and Space Exploration scientists and faculty are international experts in their fields. View the playlist of TED, TEDx, and KED talks which showcase their research. Discover more in the recorded 2020 Fall Colloquium Series and virtual tours of our campus laboratories. Check out all the educational resources ASU has to offer at ASU for You.

Download the JMARS AR Viewer App for FREE from Apple and Android stores

Downloadable for free from Apple and Android stores, the JMARS AR Viewer allows users to virtually project planetary terrains from Mars, Mercury, Earth and the Moon onto their physical environment. This app was developed by professors, researchers,  and graduate students from the Mars Space Flight Facility ASU's School of Arts Media and Engineering. Through this app, anyone can create their own custom view of planetary data, and even layer in data on elevation, mineral content, and other features. To learn more about JMARS, the Java Mission-planning and Analysis Remote Sensing tool, which has been publicly available since 2003, visit jmars.asu.edu.