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SESE Colloquium Archive

This archive lists previous terms' Colloquia with most recent at the top. (To return to the current term's Colloquium list, click here.)

Abstracts for talks are linked from the talk titles.  Scroll down for Supplementary Materials (talk PDFs, answers to questions, etc.).

Spring 2018

DateSpeakerInstitutionHostTalk Title
Jan 10Iain StewartUniversity of Plymouth, UK; 2017-2018 Geological Society of America (GSA) James B. Thompson Distinguished International LecturerRamon ArrowsmithBetween a Rock and a Hard Place: Communicating Contested Geoscience to the Public
Jan 17John BradySmith CollegePeter BuseckSubduction Zone Pseudomorphs: Windows on High Pressure Grain Scale Processes
Jan 24Sanchayeeta BorthakurASU School of Earth and Space ExplorationUnderstanding How Galaxies Reionized the Universe
Jan 31Ed BrownMichigan State UniversityPatrick YoungThe Densest Matter in the Observable Universe: Accreting Neutron
Stars and the Physics of Dense Matter
Feb 7James HeadBrown UniversityLindy Elkins-TantonThe Climate History of Mars: A Geological Perspective
Feb 14Arif BabulUniversity of Victoria, CanadaEvan ScannapiecoGalaxy Clusters as Cosmological Probes?
Feb 21Bethany EhlmannNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and CaltechMini WadhwaCeres, an Unexpectedly Active Dwarf Planet: Findings from the Dawn Mission
Feb 28Michael RussellNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryJack FarmerWhy Does Life Start, What Does It Do, Where Will It Be, and How Might We Find It?
Mar 7Spring Break
Mar 14Daniela CalzettiUniversity of Massachusetts - AmherstPaul ScowenLinking the Scales of Star Formation
Mar 21Cameron SmithPortland State UniversityDanny JacobsHuman Exploration Technologies for the Second Space Age: Private Development of Space Suits for Earth Orbit and Beyond
Mar 28Susannah DorfmanMichigan State University; 2017-2018 Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences (COMPRES) Distinguished LecturerThomas SharpThe Mineral Physics Test Kitchen: Recipes for Earth's Mantle and Core
Apr 4Kiri WagstaffJPL Machine Learning & Instrument AutonomyCraig HardgroveCancelled
Apr 11Morgan BurksLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryScott SmasMercury, 16 Psyche, Mars, and Titan: Exploring the Solar System with Gamma Rays
Apr 18George CooperNASA Ames Research CenterSandra PizarelloThe Analysis of Carbonaceous Meteorites: Unusual Mirror-Image Properties Of Organic Compounds From The Early Solar System
Apr 25Mark PanningNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryDan ShimExtraterrestrial Seismology: What We Can Learn on Mars and Icy Ocean Worlds

Supplementary Materials

Colloquium Talk Slides (PDF)Colloquium Questions AnsweredAdditional Information


Fall 2017

DateSpeakerInstitutionHostTalk Title
Aug 23Pierre HerckesASU School of Molecular Sciences & SESE AffiliatePeter BuseckClouds and Fogs in the Earth System
Aug 30Carmala GarzioneUniversity of RochesterKelin WhippleThe Tectonic Evolution of the Central Andean Plateau and Geodynamic Implications for the Growth of Plateaus
Sept 6Rene OngUniversity of California–Los AngelesPhil Mauskopf (w/Nat Butler)Very High-Energy Astrophysics and the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Sept 13Elizabeth HajekPenn StateArjun HeimsathMeasuring Ancient Landscape Dynamics from Sedimentary Deposits
Sept 20Umaa RebbapragadaNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryNat ButlerUsing Machine Learning for Discovery on Earth, Mars, and Beyond
Sept 27Lori GlazeNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterAlyssa RhodenVenus: The Forgotten, Mysterious Planet
Oct 4Jason WrightPenn StateSteve DeschArtifact SETI and the Puzzle of (Tabby) Boyajian's Star
Oct 11Terry FongNASA Intelligent Robotics GroupKip Hodges (w/Jim Bell)Human-Robot Teaming for Space Exploration
Oct 18Victoria MeadowsUniversity of WashingtonEvgenya ShkolnikThe Habitability of Planets Orbiting M Dwarfs
Oct 25Hal LevisonSouthwest Research InstitutePhil ChristensenThe Formation of Planets from the Direct Accretion of Pebbles
Nov 1Abby KavnerUniversity of California-Los AngelesJim TyburczyThe Electrochemical Earth
Nov 8Joe SilkJohns Hopkins UniversityEvan ScannapiecoThe Limits of Cosmology
Nov 15Michael LineASU School of Earth and Space ExplorationPaul ScowenCharacterizing the Diversity of Extrasolar Atmospheres: From Planets to Brown Dwarfs
Nov 22Thanksgiving
Nov 29William McKinnonWashington University – St. LouisEverett ShockPluto Explored! NASA's Epic Voyage to the Edge of the Solar System

Supplementary Materials

Talk Slides (PDF) Colloquium Questions AnsweredAdditional Information
HerckesHerckesGlaze (technical talk slides)


Spring 2017

DateSpeakerInstitutionTalk Title
Jan 11Christopher LoxtonLoxton Cellars, Sonoma CountyScience and the Art of Winemaking
Jan 18Eiichi EgamiSteward Observatory, University of ArizonaObserving the Distant Universe through Powerful Gravitational Lenses in Space
Jan 25Greg AsnerCarnegie Institution for Science and Stanford UniversityExploring and Managing Forests from Above
Feb 1David BlewettJohns Hopkins Applied Physics LaboratoryMESSENGER's View of Hollows on Mercury, and Links to the Planet's High Volatile Content
Feb 8David KohlstedtUniversity of MinnesotaStress- and Reaction-Driven Melt Segregation – Formation of High-Permeability Paths in the Mantle
Feb 15Ken EdgettMalin Space Science SystemsA More Vast and Accessible Martian Sedimentary Rock Record
Feb 22Don BrownleeUniversity of WashingtonWhat Samples of a Comet Tell Us About the Origin of the Solar System
Mar 1Shanan PetersUniversity of WisconsinEarth's Long-Term Biogeochemical Evolution: a View From the Upper Crust
Mar 8Spring Break
Mar 15Lindy Elkins-TantonASU SESEPsyche: Journey to a Metal World
Mar 22Lance GharaviASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre & SESE AffiliateScience, Art, Narrative
Mar 29Gregory TaylorUniversity of New MexicoScience at Low Frequencies with the Long Wavelength Array
Apr 5Dorothy MerrittsFranklin and Marshall CollegeFreeze-Dried, Rapidly Thawed Permafrost Landscapes, Breached Milldams, and their Relation to Modern Wetland-Stream Restoration, Eastern US
Apr 12Christy TillASU SESEAre Yellowstone Eruptions Triggered in the Course of a Human Life?
Apr 19Dan CziczoMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHow Our Understanding of Climate and Precipitation is Influenced by Uncertainties In Particle and Cloud Measurements


Supplementary Materials

Talk Slides (PDF)Colloquium Questions AnsweredPresentation Link/Extra Information
LoxtonLoxton answers PDFEdgett (technical talk abstract) PDF
BlewettBlewett answers PDFTaylor (technical talk abstract) PDF
KohlstedtKohlstedt answers PDF Gharavi (video)
EdgettEdgett answers PDF
Edgett (technical)Brownlee answers PDF
BrownleeTaylor answers PDF
Taylor (technical)


Fall 2016

DateSpeakerInstitutionTalk Title
Aug 24Heather ThroopASU School of Earth and Space Exploration and School of Life SciencesDeserts in a Changing World: Ecological Responses and Feedbacks to Climate Change
Aug 31Alberto ContiNorthrop GrummanNASA's James Webb Space Telescope
Sept 7Tobias FischerUniversity of New MexicoMassive emissions of carbon during continental rifting: implications for the carbon cycle and climate
Sept 14Danny JacobsASU School of Earth and Space ExplorationNew Horizons in Experimental Astrophysics: Exoplanets and the Cosmic Dawn
Sept 21Vicky HamiltonSouthwest Research Institute (SwRI)A New Approach to Characterizing Evidence of Parent Body Alteration in Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorites
Sept 28Timothy GroveMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Melting conditions, melting processes and mantle sources of Mercury's surface lavas
Oct 5Christophe SotinJPL-CaltechTitan: an Organic World of Two Oceans
Oct 12Briony HorganPurdue UniversityMineral signatures of glacial environments and implications for past climates on Mars
Oct 19Stanley WilliamsASU School of Earth and Space ExplorationThe Importance of Being There: Why I Study Active Volcanoes
Oct 26Heather PetcovicWestern Michigan UniversityThinking in the Field: How Experts and Novices Make a Geologic Map
Nov 2Robert StaehleNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)Will Smallsats and CubeSats Revolutionize Solar System Exploration?
Nov 9Rocky KolbUniversity of ChicagoSchrödinger's Alarming Phenomenon
Nov 16Maitrayee BoseASU School of Molecular SciencesExploring Solar System History through Isotopic Analysis of Extraterrestrial Dust
Nov 23Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 30Elizabeth CantwellASU Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development and School of Matter, Transport, and Energy,The Future of Basic Research Focused on Humans in Space after Space Station is De-Orbited

Fall 2016 Supplementary Materials

Talk PDFsColloquium Questions AnsweredPresentation Link/Extra Information
HorganJacobs Sotin (technical talk abstract) PDF
PetcovicPetcovic Horgan (technical talk abstract) PDF

Spring 2016

DateSpeakerInstitutionTalk Title
Jan 13Robert PappalardoJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)Exploring Europa: A Potentially Habitable World
Jan 20Wallace BroeckerColumbia UniversityGlobal Warming: A Geologic Analogue
Jan 27Andrea DonnellanJet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)The Past, Present and Future of Understanding Earthquakes using Space Observations
Feb 3Penny KingAustralian National UniversityGas-Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Systems
Feb 10David KringLunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)Testing the Inner Solar System Impact Cataclysm
Feb 17Edwin KiteUniversity of ChicagoPowering Cryo-Volcanoes on Icy Moons
Feb 24Alison CoilUC San DiegoUnconscious Bias: Data, Studies, and Next Steps
Mar 2Cathy OlkinSouthwest Research Institute BoulderOur New View of Pluto From NASA's New Horizons Mission
Mar 9Spring Break
Mar 16Alexandra NavrotskyUC DavisA Lifetime in Thermodynamics
Mar 23Klaus LacknerASU School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment & Center for Negative Carbon EmissionsBalancing the World's Carbon Budget
Mar 30Thure CerlingUniversity of UtahHAIR: History of Animals using Isotope Records
Apr 6Mark QuigleyUniversity of MelbourneThe 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence: From Paleoseismology to Policy
Apr 13Sayfe KiaeiASU School of Electrical, Energy and Computer Engineering & Connection One Research CenterChallenges in RF Integrated Circuits
Apr 20Stefi BaumUniversity of ManitobaThe Long Arc of Science
Apr 27Emily LevesqueUniversity of WashingtonDiscovery of a Thorne-Zytkow Object Candidate in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Spring 2016 Supplementary Materials

Talk PDFsColloquium Questions AnsweredPresentation Link/Extra Information
PappalardoKing Navrotsky (technical talk)
BroeckerKring Cerling (technical talk)

Fall 2015

Abstracts for talks are linked from the talk titles; scroll down for supplementary materials (talk PDFs, answers to questions, etc.).

DateSpeakerInstitutionTitle (click link for abstract)
Aug 26Nathaniel ButlerArizona State University/SESETransient Astronomy in Coming Decade: Chasing All Bumps in the Night
Sept 2Daniel ApaiUniversity of ArizonaEarths in Other Solar Systems: The Formation of Habitable Zone Earth-Like Planets With Biocritical Ingredients
Sept 9Jason RaymondArizona State University/SESEThe Solar Supercharge: Using Systems Biology to Reconstruct how the Invention of Photosynthesis Transformed Biochemistry and the Ancient Biosphere
Sept 16Sarah StewartUniversity of California-DavisThe Origin of the Moon from a MAD Earth
Sept 23Bruce JakoskyUniversity of Colorado-BoulderResults from the MAVEN mission to Mars
Sept 30Dawn ErbUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeGalaxies and their Gas at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation
Oct 7George CodyCarnegie Geophysical LabShining Light on the Dark History of the Early Solar System
Oct 14Harry Y. McSweenUniversity of TennesseeDawn’s Exploration of Vesta and Ceres
Oct 21Jordi Puig-SuariCalifornia Polytechnic State University/TyvakThe NanoSat revolution: Observations from the front lines
Oct 28Marilyn FogelUniversity of California-Merced

Biology or Geochemistry? Stable Isotope Tales in Astrobiology

Nov 4Anita GrunderOregon State UniversityPatterns in long-lived crustal magmatism based on comparison of the Aucanquilcha Volcanic Cluster of the central Andes and the Tuloumne Intrusive Cluster of the Sierra Nevada
Nov 11Veterans Day 
Nov 18Gordon StaceyCornell University
Nov 25Thanksgiving 
Dec 2Raymond JeanlozUniversity of California-BerkeleyFrom Earth to Stars: Planetary Interiors and a New Chemistry

Fall 2015 Supplementary Materials

Talk PDFsColloquium Questions AnsweredPresentation Link / Extra Info
Raymond Butler 
Erb Jakosky 
Puig-Suari Cody 
Fogel McSween