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Moses Milazzo Colloquium Abstract (October 16, 2019)

Pro-Social Behaviors are Contagious: Creating Brave Spaces for Bystander Intervention of Bullying and Harassment.

In this talk, I will present results of research by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the CDC, and others who have studied anti-harassment campaigns in professional spaces. I will focus on research into a framework of anti-bullying and anti-harassment called "Bystander Intervention." With colleagues at the US Geological Survey, I have expanded and evolved The University of Arizona's StepUp! Bystander Intervention class aimed at sports teams into a workshop aimed at professionals in scientific settings. The goals of this workshop are to help bystanders understand reasons for inaction, to understand what kinds of behaviors can be helpful, and to help people to move from being a passive observer of harassment and bullying to being an active participant in the fight against these unwanted and unacceptable behaviors. I will be present this Bystander Intervention workshop the following day.