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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Spring 2020 SESE Colloquium Series.

In an effort to ensure everyone’s safety and health at this time, the School of Earth and Space Exploration has made the decision to provide colloquia as a webinar. 

SESE Colloquia take place at 3:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact Professor Ariel Anbar, colloquium committee chair.

Abstracts for talks are linked from the talk titles and answers to student questions can be found below under Supplementary Materials. Schedules, speakers, and materials from previous semesters' SESE Colloquia are accessible on the archive page here.

DateSpeakerInstitutionHostTalk Title
Jan 15SESE LeadershipASU - School of Earth and Space ExplorationMini WadhwaSESE Welcome and Community Conversation
Jan 22Alex NavrotskyASU - School of Molecular SciencesHilairy Hartnett

Materials of the Universe 

Navrotsky Presentation Slides

Jan 29David WilliamsASU - School of Earth and Space ExplorationSteve RuffWorld of Fire (and Ice): Exploring Jupiter’s moon Io
Feb 5Timiebi AganabaASU - School for the Future of Innovation in SocietyAriel Anbar

The Space Force: From Rhetoric To Reality

Aganaba Presentation Slides

Feb 12Amy MainzerUniversity of ArizonaMini WadhwaNear-Earth Asteroids and Comets: Opportunity and Risk
Feb 19

Anna Grau Galofre and Alan Jackson

ASU - School of Earth and Space ExplorationSESE Exploration Fellow Presentations
Feb 26Kathryn JohnstonColumbia UniversitySanchayeeta BorthakurPrivilege, Power and Leadership in Academia
March 4Kalind CarpenterNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Danny Jacobs

Accessing an Alien Ocean: the Exobiology Extant Life Surveyor (EELS)
March 18

Julie Fosdick


University of ConnecticutKip HodgesTo see the world in a grain of sand: Sedimentary signals of young faulting along an old strand of the San Andreas Fault

March 18

Community Conversation

 Presented via Zoom

SESE Leadership Team
March 25

Sanchayeeta Borthakur


ASU - School of Earth and Space Exploration

Presented via Zoom

How do galaxies like the Milky Way grow?
April 1Community Conversation 

Presented via Zoom

SESE Leadership Team


April 8SESE Students

ASU - School of Earth and Space Exploration

Presented via Zoom

Zachary Torrano: Isotopic investigations of meteorites: using forensic tracers to unravel the mysteries of our early Solar System

Tyler Richey-Yowell: The K Dwarf Advantage: Assessing the Habitability of Planets Orbiting K Stars

April 15Kim Cobb

Georgia Tech

Presented via Zoom

Hilairy Hartnett

Climate Resilience for the 21st century - Smart Sea Level Sensors

April 22Peter Girguis 

Harvard University

Presented via Zoom

Everett Shock

There and Back Again: An oceanographer’s tale about ocean worlds here and beyond


April 29Community ConversationPresented via ZoomSESE Leadership Team 


Supplementary Materials (Spring 2020)

 Colloquium Questions AnsweredAdditional Information
1/22/20 Alexandra Navrotsky Colloquium "Materials of the Universe" answers to student questions PDF 
 1/29/20 David Williams Colloquium "World of Fire (and Ice): Exploring Jupiter's Moon Io" answers to student questions PDF
2/5/20 Timiebi Aganaba Colloquium "The Space Force: From Rhetoric to Reality" answers to student questions PDF
 2/19/20 Alan Jackson Colloquium “Stop hitting yourself! Puncturing the early lunar crust with returning debris" answers to student questions PDF 
2/26/20 Kathryn Johnston Colloquium "Privilege, Power and Leadership in Academia" PDF answers to student questions and PDF talking points