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Mark Panning Colloquium Abstract (Apr 25, 2018)

Extraterrestrial Seismology: What We Can Learn on Mars and Icy Ocean Worlds

The InSight mission is planned to launch in May of this year, and will hopefully be returning seismic and other geophysical data from Mars by the end of 2018.  Meanwhile, mission concepts that include seismometers landing on the icy ocean worlds of Europa and Titan are in active development, while the planetary science decadal survey has prioritized a possible new geophysical network on the Earth's moon.  Seismology on other planetary bodies may be entering a new golden age after a long stretch with no new data since the 1970's. Seismology on other planets presents a different set of challenges than it does on Earth and this talk will talk about some of those challenges for Mars and icy ocean worlds, but it is critical in order to advance our knowledges of the interiors of bodies beyond Earth to help us understand how planets form and evolve in our solar system and beyond.