Inclusive Community Groups and Resources

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Below is a list of groups doing work toward our Inclusive Community Mission in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, at ASU and beyond. These groups welcome the participation of the school community.

Inclusive Community groups and resources within the School of Earth and Space Exploration

Inclusive Community Committee

The Inclusive Community Committee empowers a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Just School of Earth and Space Exploration by facilitating and promoting individual action, dialog, education, long-term planning and systemic change. Learn more about the Inclusive Community Committee

Graduate Council

The School's Graduate Council was founded in 2009 to establish efficient lines of communication between the graduate students and faculty. The Council has eight elected graduate students in the following roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, (2) Recruitment Chairs, and (3) Graduate Student Advocates one general, one DEI, and one for international students. Their primary goal is to provide support to the graduate student body through informational seminars, resource documents, important deadline reminders, and open meetings. Their major contribution to the department is the graduate student satisfaction survey to provide the department metrics to assess graduate student health, wellbeing, and success. Other efforts include helping with the graduate student orientation schedule, providing feedback to faculty search committees, providing support during qualifying exam season, and advocating for graduate students, as issues arise. For more information, visit the School of Earth and Space Exploration Graduate Council website

SESE Equity in the Academic Sciences Course

Over the course of the Fall 2020 semester, students enrolled in SES 494/598 “Equity in the Academic Sciences”, a course offered in the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State University (ASU), conducted a semester-long research project on a topic of their choosing on how to make our academic scientific communities, systems, and structures more equitable and inclusive. Each week the students found and read at least one piece of primary literature summarizing research on their chosen topic and/or conducted interviews to gather information about the current state of relevant systems and practices within SESE and ASU, and then identified their natural next question to guide their research the following week. In class, the students presented their research findings, synthesized their research into recommendations, and refined their natural next questions with feedback from the group each week, following a course inquiry cycle primarily developed by the Interplanetary Initiative at ASU and Beagle Learning. Through this process they built self-guided research skills and engaged with a variety of education, physical and social sciences literature on these topics. At the conclusion of the semester, the students synthesized their research into a series of White Papers that summarize their research topic and resulting recommendations, along with a one page infographic. You can read their White Papers here.

Women in Science Program (WISP)

The Women in Science Program (WISP) at ASU in the School of Earth and Space Exploration is an informal organization for support of women in the sciences. WISP includes all undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff that identify as female or are female advocates. WISP does not exclude non-female identifying individuals from membership, but rather facilitates promotion of understanding and support of the female experience in STEM. The organization is run by School of Earth and Space Exploration graduate students and includes social events as well as lunch discussions throughout the fall and spring semesters with professional women currently in industry or academia. To join WISP and be added to the mailing list, please email:


The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) group organizes a regular meeting to read papers and discuss topics related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. For more information on how to get involved email Holly Brown for more information.

International Community

This is a social and resource group to support our international students. Please contact Maitrayee Bose for additional information.

Graduate Student Facilitators for Inclusion

Graduate student group that founded the Becoming Active Bystanders (BAB) Workshop to give SESE graduate students an engaging training for sexual harassment prevention as well as make students aware of the resources that ASU has to support students and how to be effective bystanders. The workshop involves an engaging presentation followed by case study discussions led by BAB facilitators. These case studies are influenced by real situations experienced by SESE graduate students (not limited to occurrence at SESE).

Contact the External Affairs Officer for this group, Jasmine Garani ( to get more information.

Other Inclusive Community Groups and Organizations at ASU

Office of Inclusion

The Office of Inclusion and Community Engagement is a unit within the Office of the University Provost that works to empower and give voice to all members of the university community in the areas of scholarship, teaching, learning and governance. The office was created to continue ASU’s commitment of creating an inclusive environment by providing on-going programming and initiatives for the campus community.

Student Coalitions

Student Coalitions act as umbrella organizations for all registered cultural/ethnic student organizations university-wide. The seven identity-based coalitions promote and represent the voice of various cultures within the university. 

International Student Organizations

International Student Organizations consist of more than 1,000 different groups and are an excellent resource for new international students at ASU and provide many opportunities for social activities, community service and campus involvement.


Here is a starting point for Inclusive Community resources both at and beyond ASU, as well as educational materials on Inclusive Community topics.

Educational Materials

  • To Be Welcoming - Starbucks worked with ASU to create this 15-course series that addresses conscious and unconscious bias toward groups that have been marginalized at both the individual and systemic level. This curriculum is intended to help users navigate ways to engage with difficult topics through academically robust, objective, and research-based content. The foundational course will introduce thought processes and terminology that will be presented throughout the curriculum. The 14 remaining courses will cover topics in more depth, including race, gender, religion, political culture, disabilities, sexuality, nationality and age.
  • School of Earth and Space Exploration Faculty Resource Grid - This resource grid is designed as a beginning guide (not meant to be comprehensive) for faculty starting to learn about diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, which is the first step to taking meaningful action. 
  • Anti-Racism Resources