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Associate Director for an Inclusive Community

This School of Earth and Space Exploration leadership position is a means to move forward our commitment to always striving to build a more inclusive school, in addition to the individual responsibilities each school member holds.

The Associate Director (AD) for an Inclusive Community responsibilities include, but are not limited to, reviewing school activities and programs in conjunction with the relevant committees and groups to improve equity, providing resources and training on inclusion, and working on relevant school hiring initiatives. 

Evan Scannapieco

Christy Till

Hilairy Hartnett

Patrick Young

Enrique Vivoni


Current Inclusive Community Committee

The school's Inclusive Community Committee was formed in 2021 and is co-chaired by Patrick Young and Jacqueline Monkiewicz and is composed of members from all parts of our community. The Inclusive Community Committee is in charge of developing programs to implement the SESE Strategic plan for Inclusion and acts as a resource for all members of the SESE community.

Kimberley Baptista
Media Relations and Marketing Manager

Maliyah Adams  Undergraduate Student

Christy Till
Associate Professor

Evan Scannapieco

Jackie Monkiewicz
Postdoctoral Research Scholar 

Kathryn Rico
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Co-Chair

Mara Karageozian
Graduate Student

Karen Knierman
Teaching Faculty

Jamie Dietrich

Postdoctoral scholar

Tatiana Asadurian  Undergraduate student

Skylar Pritchard

Undergraduate Student

Claire Richardson
Graduate Student

Sean Bryan 

Associate Research Professor

Mansi Padave
Graduate Student

Jordan Okie

Assistant Research Professor

Saira Hamid

Graduate Associate

Skylar Grayson

Graduate Student

Inclusive Community Strategic Plan

SESE has developed a Strategic Plan to guide efforts to create a more inclusive environment in the School. The plan identifies four cross-cutting recommendations for the entire SESE community.

  • Community Conduct Norms

    • for how systems work, our expectations of how we treat one another, and the consequences of failing to do so
  • Communication

    • to create language norms and consistent messaging promoting inclusion and belonging in the SESE community
  • Training

    • to regularize self-reflection and actions that advance inclusive excellence in all aspects of academic life
  • Mentoring

    • across all SESE communities to provide an equitable opportunity to thrive and enhance belonging

Community-Specific Recommendations

Undergraduate Students

(a) Provide regular inclusion-related training and class discussions on topics including implicit bias, microaggressions, bystander intervention and intersectional identities*. (b) Facilitate multi-generational mentoring groups. (c) Track PEER retention rates.

Graduate Students

(a) Explicitly define norms and expectations for mentoring relationships*. (b) Develop rubrics for qualifying examinations. (c) Create standardized on- and off-campus risk assessments.

Postdoctoral Scholars

(a) Improve transparency and consistency in employment forms and norms. (b) Create a community better integrated with SESE*. (c) Provide and increase awareness of research resources.

Teaching Professionals

(a) Provide clarity and transparency in roles and responsibilities*. (b) Provide career counseling, mentoring and training. (c) Improve communication and accessibility.


(a) Address power dynamics, bias and workplace climate for staff within SESE*. (b) Enact equitable hiring practices and career-long mentoring and professional development opportunities. (c) Provide training on inclusive practices. (d) Create open spaces for honest conversations.


(a) Provide regular inclusion-related training. (b) Take steps to promoting all faculty on similar time scales and utilize more inclusive metrics during APR and P&T processes*. (c) Develop a robust career-long faculty mentoring program. (d) Hire and support BIPoC faculty*.

In 2020 a task force was formed, led by AD Christy Till and composed of members from across the SESE community, to develop a strategic plan. The plan is a living document guiding the short and long-term inclusion planning and actions of the School.

Contact Us

For more information on any of these activities and/or to contact the Inclusive Community Committee with any other questions or ideas, please contact Evan Scannapieco or Patrick Young.