Statement following Insurrection at the Capitol

Dear SESE Community,

When things happen in the world such as the violent insurrection at the US state capitol two days ago and the related fallout, as well as the surging pandemic here in Arizona and across the US, it is important that we do not simply proceed with “business as usual” but rather that we take time to acknowledge them and their effect on the SESE community, as well as our individual health and well-being. 

These events have undoubtedly produced trauma, loss, anxiety, panic and a range of challenging emotions for many of us, whether related to the COVID-19 pandemic or to the racial injustice and inequities in the US. If you are struggling right now, or having a hard time working, you are not alone. I too have been struggling during this time of tremendous uncertainty and instability unlike anything most of us have known before.  

We are here to support you. I encourage you to reach out for assistance, find community if you need it, and take time to process these events. Also, when classes will resume on Monday January 11th, I want to assure you that the SESE faculty and staff appreciate the highly unusual setting in which they will proceed. and We will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s needs and are committed to finding creative solutions to the new challenges that arise. 

Here are some SESE and ASU resources and opportunities to connect:

  • ASU Counseling Services, which are available 7 days a week. 
  • A SESE Community Listening & Support session will be held with SESE Associate Director for an Inclusive Community, Prof. Christy Till Today Friday January 8th from 3-4 PM (or attend her regular support sessions Thursdays from 3-4 pm).
  • Office Hours with me on Fridays from 8-10 AM by appointment.
  • Get some comfort and distraction during Reali-TEA and Kittens Thursdays from 3-3:30 PM.
  • Join us at our next SESE community Conversation, January 28th from 12-1 pm. 
  • And stay tuned for Listenings Sessions with the SESE JEDI Task Force starting soon! 

With best regards,



Meenakshi Wadhwa

Director and Professor