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The Great Pitching Competition of 2017

A hearty congratulations to the 16 students and postdocs who competed on February 17 in the 3rd annual Great Pitching Competition: The Edge of Innovation. We were enthralled and greatly impressed by the diversity and quality of the pitches presented.

Thanks to the four celebrity judges and the enthusiastic audience, we were able to narrow the field to decide on five prizes, but it was very difficult because there were so many great pitches.

Undergraduate Pitch Competition

• Aidan McGirr, TeamIndus
• Jessica Maschino, JustForMe
• Perry Waxman, EventKey
• Paras Angell, Solar Wipers
• Brent Wallace, SEDS Rocketry
• Heather Gorham, AZLoop
• Zach Burnham, Aeternitas: The Future of Ground Systems
• Devin Keating, Barnhardt Canyon Documentary

Graduate and Postdoc Pitch Competition

• Andy Ryan, Handheld Thermal Emission Spectrometer
• Jackie Monkiewicz, Touching the Stars: Creating a Planetarium
•  Keven Kato, The Myth of the Writing Teacher
•  François-Xavier Joly, Millipedes: the Hidden Figures in the Face of Climate Change
•  Hongyu Lai, A Web-Based Graduate Student Outreach Platform
•  José Juan Gómez, Of Space and Place: Chicano/a Theatre
•  Kevin Hubbard, Wear a Piece of Your Place From Space
•  Tyler Feezel, Ritual Worlds and Words

In the Undergraduate category:
First Place ($1,000): Brent Wallace
Audience Favorite ($500): Heather Gorham

In the Graduate/Postdoc category:
First Place ($1,000): Jackie Monkiewicz
Audience Favorite ($500): François-Xavier Joly

Judges' Select Prize ($1,000): José Juan Gómez

The four judges were Christy Till and Kelin Whipple from SESE and Peter Goggin and Carmen Urioste from the Humanities. A special thanks goes to our judges, organizers, financial supporters and especially our ASU School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies co-hosts.