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The Great Pitching Competition of 2016

We would like to give a huge round of applause to all of our 2016 Pitching Competition participants! What an amazing turn out we had on Friday, February 12. Congratulations to our winners!

The winners, their awards, and their project titles:

1st Place ($1,000): Marc Leatham's "Astrophotography workshop for kids"
2nd Place ($500): Robert Amzler's "Connecting under-served communities to needed supplies through crowd funding & micro-loans"

1st Place ($,1000): Allegra Smith's "Improving Web 2.0 user experience for adults ages 65+"
2nd Place ($500): Kristina Davis's "STEM-based interactive project to integrate electrical engineering & astronomy into classrooms"

Special Judges' Choice ($1,000): Brooke Kubby's "Updating cave registration boxes in Arizona"

A special thanks to our judges, organizers, financial supporters and especially our ASU School of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies co-hosts! We can't wait to see even more participants next year.