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The Great Pitching Competition of 2015

"How do you get someone to understand and be excited about your idea — in just a few minutes?"

That was the challenge put to the contestants in the first Great Pitching Competition, held January 28, 2015, in the Marston Exploration Theater. The competition pitted 13 contestants against each other before an audience of some 60 students and faculty.

The winners and their project titles:

In the Undergraduate category:
1st place: Kevin Conklin, ASU Connections Podcast
Audience favorite: Kali Johnson, The Proud Parent Scholarship Fund

In the Graduate/Postdoc category:
1st place: Abhi Rajan, The SESE Software Carpentry Workshop
Audience favorite: Jean-Francois Smekens, Turning the SO2 Camera Into a Practical Monitoring Tool for Volcano Deployment