Undergraduate Experience

At the School of Earth and Space Exploration, our students acquire the tools and knowledge to answer the largest scientific questions in the fields of Earth and environmental studies, Earth and space exploration, astrobiology and biogeosciences, astrophysics, exploration systems design, and geological sciences. Our dynamic and engaging atmosphere gives you the resources you need to succeed in academics and beyond in your professional life.

Our courses not only train students to solve scientific problems, but also develop life skills such as communication, community outreach, writing, and teamwork. School of Earth and Space Exploration offers a superb advising service and a friendly and supportive community with a history of mentoring award winning undergraduates.

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Graduate Experience

The interdisciplinary work of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration brings together the brightest minds in astronomy and astrophysics, cosmology, geosciences, planetary sciences, exploration systems engineering and science education. Graduate students can earn Master’s degrees in astrophysics and geological sciences.  PhD degrees can be earned in astrophysics, exploration systems design, and geological sciences.  

Our approach to research tears down the conventional divides, encouraging scientists to cross subject boundaries to pursue new understandings of our universe. Together, we answer the most significant questions about how our universe began and how it continues to evolve.

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