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Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates!

Dear Spring 2020 SESE Graduates,

We are so incredibly proud of you and excited about all that you will achieve as you begin this new chapter of your lives.

While these are difficult times, many of you have already overcome great challenges, and with these challenges come great opportunities. So our message to you is to be courageous and be the change you would like to see in the world. Your SESE family is always here to support you and to cheer you on. 

We hope you’ll come back to visit us often, give us updates on your achievements, and inspire the next generation of SESE grads.

Congratulations and Go Devils!

Meenakshi (Mini) Wadhwa
Director, ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration

Congratulations to the ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration Class of 2020!


  • Congratulations to our graduating Class of 2020! Even the sky is NOT the limit when it comes to the opportunities ahead of you, and the difference you can make in this world! We are your community in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, and we are here to support you and to cheer you on always – Go Sun Devils!
    -Meenakshi Wadhwa

  • Dear SESE graduates,
    We have enjoyed seeing you grow and working with you through your academic path here in SESE. Do your best to help others and keep learning! Best of luck and don’t be strangers.
    -Ramon Arrowsmith

  • Wishing you all the best as you head into your next phase!
    -Cassie Bowman

  • Veni. Vidi. Vici. You came, you learned and now it’s time to take flight. Go soar, be fearless and don’t stop until you find what you love doing. Best of luck,
    -Cami Skiba

  • Good Luck in all your future endeavors! For those of you going into planetary science, know that our business is very opportunistic, and where you end up may not be where you plan to go now as you graduate. Be open to the opportunities, and you will have great careers, helping to explore some strange, new worlds. Be safe and healthy as you go forth!
    -David A. Williams

  • Breathe in a full sigh… and now let your real discoveries begin.
    Best of luck to you from Chris Skiba, Marc Biren, Jeff Spradley, and Collin Engelson!

  • Here’s to a future of success. Best of wishes as you keep shooting for the stars!
    -Maxwell Kulak

  • Learn, love, and grow from everything and you will find yourself in awesome spaces of life no matter what.
    -Edward Buie II

  • For our wonderful graduates --
    We are all so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments at SESE, and we can't wait to see what you create out in the world! And don't forget to write home -- once in the SESE family, forever in the SESE family!
    -Lindy Elkins-Tanton

  • Congratulations and all the best to the Class of 2020. May you pursue what you are most passionate about, so that joy will always accompany success!
    -Steve Semken

  • Dear ASU graduating students:
    We want to thank you all for working with us through this very difficult semester that has been affected so significantly by the pandemic. You have all heroically persisted in your efforts for your classes, homework, exams and term projects. You have more than earned your ASU degrees, and your hard work will not be forgotten. We have resources for the upcoming job market, which is now harder than before, and if there is anything else we can help you with to succeed in starting your careers, please let us know. We are always here for you.
    -Rogier Windhorst

  • It's been an absolute honor to get to know you as people, friends, and visionaries in the past 4 years. I am so proud of all you've accomplished and all your potential, and I'll miss you all SO MUCH next year (I'm actually crying as I write this just thinking about it). I wish you all the absolute best of luck and happiness!
    -Jessica Noviello

  • My wish for you all is that the many hours, minutes, and seconds you have invested here at ASU will serve you well as you well as move ahead into the next phase of your career!
    -Jack Farmer

  • Congratulations on reaching this milestone! You are now certified as among an elite group of humans who understand the promise and perils of our planet and universe like few others. As events around us show, the world needs people like you as never before. Go forth and do great things - for yourself, for your family and fellows, and for a future that is bright because of you!
    -Ariel Anbar

  • This is an odd time in which to graduate, but through hardship there is opportunity. We are rarely so open to change as we are now. Make use of that opportunity. Think about what could be better for you, your community, and your world, and choose your new path accordingly. Your education means you are poised for success as we emerge from this crisis and I think you are all up to the challenge! I hope this graduation is for all of you only the start of a series of hard won triumphs. Best wishes on the journey of life! -Parke Loyd

  • Congratulations SESE Class of 2020! Chase your dreams. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Live life to the fullest and give it nothing but your best.
    -Kim Baptista

  • Congratulations!
    This is such a bittersweet time for me as one of your professors and friends to watch you graduate and move on to bigger and more exciting times in your lives. I have such fond memories of many of you at Camp SESE and in my classes and I wish you the greatest success and, most importantly, joy in whatever your next adventures in exploration might be.
    My warmest and best regards,
    -Arjun Heimsath

  • Graduates - You have made us so proud! Keep discovering, asking questions, finding solutions and
    making our world, and the universe, more fascinating every day. Please keep in touch and inspire the next generation of SESE grads!
    - Karin Valentine

  • It was great to get to know you through the years and watch your knowledge and skills grow. Take what you’ve learned and make the world a better place.
    -Amanda Clarke

  • Congratulations to our Class of 2020 grads! More than ever your voice of critical thought and scientific analysis is going to be vital for the world as we emerge from this crisis. We are in good hands as you set out to make your mark on the world. -Paul Scowen

Due to the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus and the public health recommendations that come with it, Arizona State University will be celebrating with its graduates in the 2020 Spring commencement in a virtual, online ceremony. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Virtual 2020 Convocation ceremony will take place May 11, 2020 at 9 a.m. on YouTube.  

2020 virtual graduation toolkit

Hey graduates, families, and friends! Looking for a way to celebrate your virtual graduation? Check out these ASU-branded virtual background, social media filters, cover photos and profile images you can use to showcase your grad’s achievements. Visit the virtual graduation toolkit and be sure to share using #ASUgrad!


ASU Alumni Association

As a proud graduate of ASU, you are now an important and valued member of one of the strongest alumni networks in the country and around the world — half a million strong! And, as you take your next steps in your personal and professional life, ASU is your powerful partner, each step of the way. Wherever you are, make the most of your career, family, activities and more. Explore ASU Alumni.

Outstanding spring grads

Meet a few of our featured graduates who have started their journey and have quite a future ahead of them. Read their stories and more from ASU Now.  

    Shane Bechtel, double major in astrophysics and physics

   Karalee Brugman, Meghan Guild and Hannah Shamloo (PhD in geological sciences)

   Emilie Dunham (PhD in geological sciences)

   Aleisha Johnson (PhD in geological sciences)

   Jessica Maschino (bachelor’s degree in exploration systems design)

   Chadlin Ostrander (PhD in geological sciences)

   Jacob West (bachelor’s degree in geological sciences)

   Psyche Mission Capstone team including: John Chambers (bachelor’s degree in astrophysics), Mason Hoey (bachelor’s degree in exploration systems design), Jacob Kramer (bachelor’s degree in astrobiology and biogeosciences), Eric Laughlin (bachelor’s degree in astrobiology and biogeosciences), Johnathan McDougal (bachelor’s degree in exploration systems design), Ciara Sypherd (bachelor’s degrees in aerospace engineering – astronautics and astrobiology and biogeosciences) and Kaitlin Webber (bachelor’s degree in astrophysics)


Undergraduate Experience

At the School of Earth and Space Exploration, our students acquire the tools and knowledge to answer the largest scientific questions in the fields of Earth and environmental studies, Earth and space exploration, astrobiology and biogeosciences, astrophysics, exploration systems design, and geological sciences. Our dynamic and engaging atmosphere gives you the resources you need to succeed in academics and beyond in your professional life.

Our courses not only train students to solve scientific problems, but also develop life skills such as communication, community outreach, writing, and teamwork.  SESE offers a superb advising service and a friendly and supportive community with a history of mentoring award winning undergraduates.

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Graduate Experience

The interdisciplinary work of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration brings together the brightest minds in astronomy and astrophysics, cosmology, geosciences, planetary sciences, exploration systems engineering and science education. Graduate students can earn Master’s degrees in astrophysics and geological sciences.  PhD degrees can be earned in astrophysics, exploration systems design, and geological sciences.  

Our approach to research tears down the conventional divides, encouraging scientists to cross subject boundaries to pursue new understandings of our universe. Together, we answer the most significant questions about how our universe began and how it continues to evolve.

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