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Resources at ASU

Resources at ASU

Here is a list of some of the many resources available to graduate students at ASU. All opinions expressed here are OURS; they do not represent SESE's or ASU's. Except as noted, phone numbers are in the 480 area code.

Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU)

This is your friendly student government, located on the third floor of the MU building. Although most students only become of aware of it during campus elections, ASASU does provide some useful services. Some of them, such as the Bike Co-op and the Safety Escort Service, are listed separately below. Others you might be interested in include the Community Service Program; the College Student Councils, which link each ASU college with the ASASU Senate; and the Government Relations Office, which promotes student interests to local, state, and national governments. If you are looking for money to fund dissertation research, visit the Graduate and Professional Student Association Webpage: http://gpsa.asu.edu/
Information 965-3161
Arizona Students Association 966-6358
Graduate and Research Support Association 965-3161

Art Museum

Great museum focusing on contemporary art.
Information: 965-2787


Graduate Assistants and other ASU employees receive a 10% discount on bookstore purchases (Someone from your department should give you a card in August). Not surprisingly, lines in the bookstore can seem unbearably long at the beginning of each semester, so we suggest that you try to buy books for your classes early, before the semester officially starts. The 10% discount can also be used at the Student Book Center on College Ave.
Information: 965-5817
General Offices: 965-7928

Bike Co-Op

The Co-op provides tools and assistance for repairing your bike and they charge only for the parts you need.
Sun Devil Fitness Complex, rearside facing Apache Blvd.: 965-8017

Bus Service

ASU students can buy a pass for the buses in Tempe (also works for the Metro Light Rail system) for $40. For more information about getting your pass call: 480-965-1072. Public transportation in the Valley is fair. Buses generally run on the major streets. ASU's campus has a free shuttle that will run you from one end of campus to the other. People who park their cars in the infamous Lot 59 --the lot along Rural Road, furthest from campus--usually prefer not to make the death march in the summer, so they take the shuttle. Also, ASU runs a shuttle between the main campus here in Tempe and the ASU West campus located in Glendale (about a half hour ride). For more information about city or university buses, look in the Memorial Union or the Graduate College or call for public transit information at the number listed below. There is also a free bus service in some neighborhoods. Check the website: http://www.valleymetro.org to see if your neighborhood has this service.
Public transit Information: (602) 253-5000

Career Services Office

Career Services provides career counseling and workshops, posts job listings, coordinates on-campus interviews, and sponsors special recruiting programs for both current students and alumni.
Student Services Building, C359: 965-2350
24-hour Job Hotline: 965-0506

Child Care

Advisement/Family Resources 965-9723

Computing Services

Computer Accounts Office (Computing Commons, 105) 965-1211
Computer Assistance Center or COMPASS
(Computing Commons, 202) 965-5939
Help Desk/Information 965-6500

Copy Centers

Administration, 203c: 965-4422
Engineering, C-Wing, F103: 965-6071
Memorial Union, 17: 965-7251
Payne Hall, B25: 965-7252
ASU West, FAB, B25: 543-5575
Computing Commons, Second Floor (they do color copies, overhead, much more)


Several offices on campus offer counseling to full- and part-time students (some charge fees):

Clinical Psychology Center, Psychology, 289: 965-7296
Counseling & Consultation, Student Services Bldg, B317: 965-6146
Counselor Training Center, Payne Hall, B402: 965-5067
Mental Health Services, Student Health Center: 965-4726 24-hour Crisis Intervention, EMPACT: 784-1500

Disability Resources For Students

This office provides employment referral, registration information and assistance, housing information, testing accommodations, and transportation.

Matthews Center, 143: 965-1234
Transportation: 965-3055

Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action

Academic Services Building, 113: 965-5057

Financial Aid Office / Student Employment

So you need to borrow some money, huh? Join the club. You can obtain a FAFSA and all the other necessary forms at the Student Financial Assistance Office, on the second floor of the Student Services Building. If at all possible, avoid going there around the beginning of the semester, unless you like long lines and cranky clerks. The FAFSA can also be done online very quickly at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

Financial aid information is also available via the Web https://students.asu.edu/financialaid, but advisement, counseling, and loan entrance interviews must be done in person. We recommend using the Financial Aid services in the Graduate College: less lines, nicer people, more efficient. An on/off-campus job board and the Student Employment Office are right next door, if you're looking to supplement your income or in need of summer work.

General Information 965-3355, FAX 965-9484
Scholarships 965-4845
Student Employment (on campus) 965-5186
(off campus) 965-6318

Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA)

GPSA serves graduate students by awarding research grants; participating in orientations; presenting films; and sponsoring speakers, lectures, and workshops. Basically, GPSA is your full-service student government. Visit: http://www.asu.edu/gpsa . You may also want to sign up for the GPSA listserv: http://lists.asu.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=gradstu&A=1 This is an outstanding way to get information about GPSA events, travel and research money as well as student issues.

To serve on a committee or get on a mailing list, call the number below. GPSA, Memorial Union, 313: 965-3161

Graduate & Undergraduate programs available in U.S.

PhDs.Org -- is a comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out the available undergraduate and graduate programs available today in the U.S.

Graduate Studies, the Division of


The Division of Graduate Studies houses a number of important offices. If you need general information about policies, procedures, requirements, financial aid, and support services, contact the Advising Office. Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome. The Financial Assistance Office handles Graduate Tuition Scholarships (out-of-state waivers), Graduate Academic Scholarships (in-state waivers), and graduate assistantships. For tuition waivers and assistantships, the necessary forms are available from and should be submitted to the department, so you shouldn't have to deal directly with the Division of Graduate Studies. The Division also publishes a e-communique, a newsletter of funding opportunities, and prints a variety of informational fliers on how to find money, succeed in graduate school, live along and fruitful life, etc. You will find these in the center lobby of Wilson Hall, along with two helpful secretaries and a rack full of important forms. A partial list of the most relevant ones includes the FAFSA, the Format Approval Form, the Application for Authorization to Schedule a Defense (MA), the Dissertation Defense Recommendation Form, the Survey of Earned Doctorates. Here you can also find applications for travel grants.

Advising Office 965-3521
Financial Assistance Office 965-3521
Format Advisors 965-3521

Health Services

Student Health insurance costs roughly $300 fall semester and closer to $400 spring semester (which includes coverage in the summer). You can enroll when you register for classes on-line and at the campus Student Health Center located on Palm Walk near University. You must re-enroll each semester. The Health Center provides medical care along with mental health counseling and nutrition counseling. Massage therapy is also available but is not covered under the insurance--it costs about $40 per hour. The Student Recreation Center offers great rates on massages, too: $34/hour and you can charge it to your ASU account!

Health Insurance 965-2411
ASU Appointment Line, 8-5, MWF; 9-5, TTH, 965-3349
ASU After Hour Emergency 727-7000
Personal Health Advisor 1 (800) 214-6489


Architecture Library - Information: 965-6400

ASU West (Fletcher Library) - The main campus online library catalog includes bibliographic information for the stacks at ASU West and you can request books from that campus. It usually takes from 3 to 5 days to receive them here. You can return ASU West books at main campus libraries.

Information: 543-8501
Circulation Desk: 543-8520
Book Renewal: 965-2595

Film Library/Video Resources - Information: 965-7564

Hayden Library - The library catalog is available on the Internet. You can renew books and recall books from other patrons on-line. You can request that the library use email to notify you when your books are overdue or when someone has recalled a book from you. Also, you can do a search in the catalog, tag a number of citations, and email the bibliography to yourself. The library has many bibliographic search programs such as America History and Life that can be accessed under the indexes from the main library site. Very small, secluded carrels, tucked away in various places behind the stacks, are available for graduate students on a limited basis. Ask at the circulation desk. Staff in the Government Documents, Luhrs Reading Room, Special Collections, and Labriola Center are very friendly and helpful.