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ISTB 4 Gallery of Scientific Exploration (GSE)

Gallery exhibits on the first two floors of ISTB 4 are open to the public to explore on their own. Some exhibits may be staffed by student docents.The GSE houses interactive exhibits that engage visitors in the history of scientific exploration (from the voyage of HMS Beagle to NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory) and invite them to contemplate future voyages of discovery. The space is outfitted with kiosk-style exhibits and large-format, high-definition monitors that display video from earth-observing satellites and robotic probes of other worlds. For general questions related to the GSE, call 480-727-2868.

For more information, see the interactive exhibits (PDF).

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LROC Lunar Exploration Museum

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Facility

Visit the LROC facility and take a walk through space exploration history and observe scientists working on lunar data in the Science Operations Center (SOC). The hallway gallery is available normal business hours; guided group tours of displays and the SOC are available by request Mondays thru Fridays. Please limit groups to 25. For questions about tours, contact

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Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU

Mars Space Flight Facility (MSFF)

At ASU's Mars Space Flight Facility, scientists and researchers are using instruments on spacecraft at Mars to explore the geology and mineralogy of the Red Planet. Displays in the entry-way are available to the public during normal business hours. Please contact us for guided group tours and limit the group size to 25.

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Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies

The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies

The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies at ASU is one in a network of 17 Regional Planetary Image Facility data centers established by NASA to archive planetary images for use by the scientific and educational communities. It houses images and maps from all major U.S. spacecraft missions, along with an extensive library of mission documentation, scientific journals, and Earth and planetary publications. Aerial photographs of the Earth, airborne radar, and cartographic products are also part of the facility's collection. In association with the Planetary Geology Group, guided tours with groups of not more than 15 people are available by reservation only. For more information, call 480-965-7029.

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K-12 Field Trip Program

Our half-day enrichment experience includes a 3-D astronomy show in the Marston Exploration Theater, along with a schedule of activities built around small group rotational modules, each designed to reinforce the spirit of scientific inquiry and exploration. Activities are correlated to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

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Marston Exploration 3D Theater Shows

The Marston Exploration Theater will feature shows of topical interest (i.e. Jupiter, constellations of summer sky, gas giants, etc.) for groups of all ages. Contact Ric Alling (480-965-6891) with questions and requests.

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