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Jordan Okie
Assistant Research Professor (FSC)

Okie is a biologist, complexity scientist, and astrobiologist interested in the fundamental laws and theories governing life’s distribution, organization, macroevolution, and metabolism on Earth and beyond.

ISTB4-695 Arizona State University
Jun Wu
Assistant Research Professor

Assistant research professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU. His expertise is in mineralogy and crystallography with experimental transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

Julia Johnson
Senior Lecturer

Julia Johnson is a geologist and geoscience-education researcher. Her geologic research focuses on the geology of Arizona, and her education research involves the use of concept sketches in geoscience learning and teaching.

Catherine Coleman
Global Explorer in Residence

Coleman is ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence at the School of Earth and Space Exploration and for the Interplanetary Initiative. She is a research chemist, a former NASA astronaut and a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Wendy Taylor
Faculty Research Associate (FSC)

Taylor is a Faculty Research Associate in SESE and a Curriculum Developer for the Immersive Virtual Field Trips (iVFT) project at ETX. She also studies the evolution of early life from rocks in Arctic Norway and South Africa.

781 E. Terrace Mall, ISTB4
Anne Cowley
Professor Emerita
PSH 469A
L Knauth
Emeritus Professor
PS F546
Edmund Stump
Emeritus Professor
PS F544
Emeritus Professor

James Tyburczy is a mineral physicist studying the physical and chemical properties of minerals, melts, and rocks. He also studies environmental geophysics, effects of shock and implications for early planetary evolution.

PS F514
Stanley Williams
Emeritus Professor
PS F634