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Laurence Garvie
Research Professor (FSC)
Center for Meteorite Studies Arizona State University,
Paul Scowen
Research Professor

Scowen's interests include star formation, astronomical space mission development, imaging, detectors and mirror coatings.

ISTB4 661
David Williams
Research Professor (FSC)

David A. Williams is a planetary geologist who studies volcanoes and volcanic deposits throughout the Solar System. He makes geologic maps planets, moons, and asteroids in support of NASA flight missions.

PSF 506B
Lynda Williams
Research Professor

Lynda Williams' research focuses on the chemical composition and structure of clay and related sedimentary minerals in order to interpret the environmental conditions under which they formed

PSF 650A
Mikhail Zolotov
Research Professor

Mikhail Zolotov is a planetary geochemist. He uses numerical physical-chemical methods to understand chemical processes and mineralogical changes in past/present solar system environments that involve rocks, gases and fluids.

Physical Science Building PSF650b
Marc Biren
Associate Research Professional

Biren has a keen interest in asteroid impacts. After a Post Doc dating terrestrial impact structures with the U-Th/He method he joined Chris Skiba in supporting SESE Safety, Laboratories, Classrooms, and Field Courses

Cassie Bowman
Associate Research Professor (FSC)

Cassie Bowman is an associate research professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, focusing on educational research and evaluation.

Associate Research Professor (FSC)

James Lyons research has evolved from the chemistry of planetary atmospheres to composition of planetary atmospheres and the solar nebula and observations of exoplanet atmospheres.

Physical Sciences F-wing, room 688 SESE
Duane DeVecchio
Assistant Research Professor

Duane DeVecchio is a broad field-based geologist with a background in structural geology, sedimentology and geomorphology.

Amy Jurewicz
Assistant Research Professor (FSC)

Primary Research: to Enable the Genesis Solar Wind Sample Return to Obtain its Mission Objectives; i.e., minor ions in the solar wind to derive a bulk solar composition, for modeling the solar nebula and solar processes.

Center for Meteorite Studies ISTB4