SESE Directory

Maitrayee Bose
Asst Professor

Bose studies isotopic compositions of extraterrestrial rocks and organics at the nano-scale to understand their cosmic origins. She oversees the NanoSIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer).

Craig Hardgrove
Assistant Professor

Hardgrove is a planetary scientist with research interests in neutron and thermal infrared remote sensing of planetary surfaces (Moon, Mars, asteroids) to determine their volatile histories and evolution.

Assistant Professor

Danny was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska graduating from Central High School, where he was captain of the Debate Squad. He has lived with his small family in Montana, Pennsylvania, and twice in New Mexico.

ISTB4 673
Mingming Li
Asst Professor

Li uses numerical simulations to investigate the structure, dynamics and evolution of the Earth and other planets, and the surface expressions of deep mantle processes.

Michael Line
Asst Professor

Michael Line studies the atmospheres of extra-solar planets and brown dwarfs with the goal of understanding their compositions, climate, and origins.

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Alyssa Rhoden is an expert in the geophysics of ocean worlds. She joined ASU in 2015.

Manoochehr Shirzaei
Assistant Professor

Manoochehr Shirzaei leads the Radar Remote Sensing and Tectonic geodesy Lab (RaTLab), which conducts interdisciplinary research covering wide spectrum of geophysical, hydrological and industrial processes.

Assistant Professor

Evgenya Shkolnik is a professor of astrophysics at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. She is an expert on stars, exoplanets, and the potential habitability of exoplanetary systems.

ASU School for Earth and Space Exploration Bateman Physical Sciences, F-Wing, Room 686
Christy Till
Assistant Professor

Christy Till is an earth & planetary scientist whose research focuses on magmatic processes, including magma formation in subduction zones and at highly explosive volcanoes.

School of Earth and Space Exploration ISTB4 Room 569