Other Opportunities (Postdocs, Staff, etc.)

Other Opportunities (Postdocs, Staff, etc.)

Star-Planet Activity Research CubeSat (SPARCS) Mission Postdoctoral Research Position

The School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

SESE offers undergraduate students opportunities to participate in various research projects under the guidance of faculty and researchers. Some current opportunities are listed below.

Graduate Student Research Opportunities

Many of our faculty offer research opportunities for graduate student research (MS, PhD); below are just a few specific opportunities. We encourage you to visit our Research page and contact individual faculty members for opportunities.

SESE Exploration Postdoctoral Fellows

Program overview

The mission of the Exploration Fellowships is to foster a leading, interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship program in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU by attracting and supporting outstanding early-career scientists. Research areas within the School encompass theoretical and observational astronomy, cosmology, astrobiology, earth sciences, climate science, planetary sciences, exploration systems engineering, astronomical instrumentation, and science education.

Cosmology Initiative Faculty Positions

Opportunities with the Cosmology Initiative (SESE / Physics)

Check back again soon!

SESE Faculty Positions

Assistant Professor (Job #12117)

The School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) invites applications for an Assistant Professor with expertise in geobiology and/or biogeochemistry. Anticipated start date is August 2018.

Employment & Research Opportunities

Take part in student research opportunities, find postdoctoral research positions, or join the faculty ranks

SESE is engaged in a very broad research portfolio that encompasses observational, computational, experimental, and theoretical projects. Our research volume, as measured by annual awards, is growing and reached the $15M mark in FY2008.

Projects & Groups

Research projects that change the way we see the world

Scientists at the School of Earth and Space Exploration are pursuing many areas of research. We’re studying the beginning of time. We’re embarking on robotic missions to the Moon and Mars. We’re looking at the dynamics of our own world — and exploring the possibility of life beyond it.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the exciting projects we’re working on.


Explore the universe using science and engineering

The School of Earth and Space Exploration, or SESE (pronounced "see-see"), takes a new approach to education and research and the exploration of our universe.

Science and engineering — essential for developing new instruments to explore Earth and space — are the foundation of our programs, which also emphasize the role of technology in advancing scientific knowledge. 


Admission Overview

SESE does not currently have special admission requirements. If you are accepted into ASU, you may declare one of the SESE majors. Although there are no specific admission requirements for SESE, students seeking SESE majors must have strong science and math backgrounds.