The mission of the School of Earth and Space Exploration centers on four points.

1. We conduct pathbreaking research on the Earth, other planets and space.

At SESE, our faculty, researchers and students seek to expand the frontiers of knowledge through the exploration of Earth, space, matter, time and life. More and more, successful exploration depends on engineering theory and practice to create technologies for scientific advances. Our programs explicitly emphasize the importance of technology in modern scientific research.

Student Perspectives

Hear from real students

Here we provide links to learn about the programs of SESE and life of a SESE graduate student - from the perspective of students. All the pages below are written by students, and represent our take on what its like to be a graduate student at SESE. All opinions expressed here are OURS; they do not represent SESE's or ASU's.


About Camp SESE

2019 dates: Friday to Sunday, September 6-8, 2019

Financial Support


The majority of students accepted in to a SESE MS or PhD graduate program are offered financial support for the academic year (August-May) by means of a Graduate Assistant position. Research/Teaching Assistantships are considered for renewal as long as students remain in good standing in the graduate program and satisfy all requirements and obligations of their assistantships. MS students typically receive 2 years of guaranteed financial support and PhD students typically receive 5 years of support.



Rebecca (Becky) Polley
Manager, Academic Programs Office
E-mail: Rebecca.Polley@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-5768
Office: ISTB4 7th Floor (SESE main office)

Kelli Wallace
Academic Success Advisor
E-mail: Kelli.Wallace@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 727-3584
Office: ISTB4 7th Floor (SESE main office)

Graduate Admission

Prospective Graduate Students

The majority of the School of Earth and Space Exploration’s (SESE) admissions are for the fall semester. Spring admissions occur under special circumstances. For full consideration of funding and campus recruitment activities, the following application dates apply. Applications are encouraged before these dates and those received after may be considered at a lower priority for funding:

January 15 of the current year for fall admission
October 1 of the previous year for spring admission

Undergraduate Admission

For prospective students

For ASU admission information, please visit the ASU First-Year Student Admission website. It will guide you on the necessary materials and steps to take to apply to ASU. During this process, you will be asked to declare a major, in which case you can declare a SESE major.

New Discoveries Lectures

About the Series

Check back here for our Fall 2020 schedule!

The SESE New Discoveries Lecture Series is designed to bring the exciting scientific work of SESE to the general public in a series of informative and up-to-date evening lectures. Each will be given by a member of the SESE faculty.

Lecture begins at 7:30 p.m. and lasts about an hour. Free and open to the public.