Space to Thrive Public Panel

Learn how interdisciplinary teams are pursuing answers to big questions around space exploration with a public panel at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 24, at ASU Marston Exploration Theater. The event will consist of Interplanetary Initiative project flash talks and a panel moderated by Cady Coleman, ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence.  

Special Guest:
Lindy Elkins-Tanton
Principal Investigator, NASA Psyche mission
Managing director and co-chair, ASU Interplanetary Initiative
Co-founder, Beagle Learning

Cady Coleman
ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence  
Astronaut, scientist, musician, explorer, mom 

Port of Mars - Lance Gharavi
Port of Mars is a game-based social science experiment designed to discover answers to the question: How can we best sustain healthy human communities in space? Available both online and in board game versions, player behaviors are tracked and analyzed to determine which group dynamics produce success and which produce failure in a fun and engaging way.

Exploration Learning  - Evgenya Shkolnik
This revolutionary new way of teaching and learning guides students through the process of solving multi-step, complex problems in a way that helps expand their academic skill set and problem solving methods. By abandoning memorization and passive absorption of delivered content, students are encouraged to answer unsolved problems in a way that is critical to the concept of ‘master learners.’

Satellite Command and Control Certificate - Pat Jameson
Qwaltec and ASU are partnering to create the world’s first online satellite command and control certificate. The course will provide students with detailed familiarization of space satellite operations, focusing on the ground procedures required to operate and maintain one or more spacecraft following launch into orbit. 

Five Senses in Space - Robert LiKamWa
In an effort to galvanize support for space exploration, the Five Senses in Space project aims to develop multi-model experiences to represent space exploration objects, questions, and challenges in programmable virtual and physical environments. Appealing to each of the five senses, the team has constructed a martian habitat to simulate the conditions and experiences of living on Mars.

Space Advisory - Timiebi Aganaba
The Space Advisory project is providing foundational research to determine the market needs and appetite for an interdisciplinary legal space advisory clinic and lab that supports new and emerging uses of space, and provides conflict and dispute resolution amongst other space advisory services.

Human and Robotic Connection - Geoffrey Clark
The Human and Robotic Connection team is designing and building an exoskeleton prototype
that has applications for both astronauts and the people of Earth. The exoskeleton includes software for human intention prediction, improving sensing and control. 

Rapid Responsive Space - Sangram Redkar
The Rapid Responsive Space project explores the potential sustainability of small satellites to aid in Rapid Response Space Missions. The research being conducted is addressing the lack of efficient unscheduled orbit trajectory modifications of current space systems and providing actionable changes capable of accommodating new needs that emerge during mission operations. 

Vox Celestia Podcast - Lance Gharavi
Vox Celestia is a brand new podcast featuring innovators and thought-leaders at the cutting edge of designing and building the future of humans in space. Hosts include Andrew Maynard, Director of ASU Risk Innovation Lab and Cady Coleman, ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence. 

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Interplanetary Initiative
Taryn Struck
October 24, 2019
Marston Exploration Theater
Tempe campus