Melanie Barboni

School of Earth and Space Exploration
ISTB4 - room 577
Assistant Professor
TEMPE Campus


Barboni is an assistant-professor at SESE. Her area of expertise is igneous petrology/geochemistry with a strong emphasis on both field and cutting-edge analytical methods, particularly in geochronology. Her research interests are diverse and currently include 1) understanding the time scales and conditions of magmatic processes involved in the formation and evolution of sub-volcanic reservoirs and their link with volcanic eruptions (the so-called “plutonic-volcanic connection”), 2) applying state-of-the-art chronology and isotope geochemistry to unravel the origin and early evolution of the Moon, and 3) developing new analytical tools - particularly linking the chronology and chemistry of accessory minerals such as zircon  -  to allow better understanding of magmatic processes in both Earth and planetary sciences.


Ph.D.Geosciences and Environment (Earth Sciences), University of Lausanne, Switzerland 2011


Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
SES 692 Research
SES 792 Research
SES 799 Dissertation