Chuhong Mai

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Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


I am a PhD candiate at School of Earth & Space Exploration. My research interests include the origin of the solar system, planet formation and exoplanet atmospheres. I am currently involved in theoretical research projects that models the early solar system environment, the accretion and evolution of the primordial atmospheres of terrestrial planets and the characterization of exoplanet atmosphere through spectroscopy. My current primary research advisor is Dr. Steven Desch (in the direction of planet formation). I also work with Dr. Michael Line (in the direction of planetary atmosphere).

I majored in Atmospheric Sciences for Bachelor studies and have been trained as a Planetary Astrophysicist in Graduate school. I am interested in interdisciplinary studies as novel approaches to answer some of most profound science questions: What is the origin of planets and life? (Where do we come from) What is it like out there on other planets and does life exist? (Are we alone).

Please refer to my website for more information about my research and myself.  

Research Interests

Chondrule formation. Early solar system evolution.

The accretion of primordial atmosphere. Early atmosphere evolution.

Characterization of exoplanet atmosphere through spectroscopy techniques.

Habitability of Earth-like planets.

Research Group

The ASU NExSS (Nexus for Exoplanet System Science) team (PI: Dr. Steve Desch).

The Keck MEOW (Modeling and Experiments on the Origin of Water) team (PI: Dr. Peter Buseck).

The Deschscoveries Group (led by Dr. Steve Desch).

The Exoplanet Group (led by Dr. Michael Line, Dr. Jenny Patience, Dr. Evgenya Shkolnik).