Steven Glaser

Grad Teaching Associate
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Geological Sciences
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


MS in Geology from University of Colorado Boulder (2010)

BS in Geology from University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2008)

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am interested in astrobiology and the origin of life. While the mantra in the community has been "follow the water", I have taken an alternate route and I study nonaqueous solvents. With many nonaqueous fluids from which to choose, I focus specifically on the existence, persistence, and consequences of carbonic fluids on planetary bodies. Since carbon dioxide is an organic solvent, its presence on planets can have an outsized impact on organic chemistry even in small concentrations. My work predicting chemical reactions is useful for sites in the universe hosting liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide, but it is especially useful for research on Earth where carbonic fluids are known to exist in hydrothermal vent systems.

Research Group