Jessica Noviello

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
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TEMPE Campus

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Graduate Student
Geological Sciences
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


I study surface features on Jupiter's icy moon Europa to understand internal processes and assess its potential for habitability. Most of my work centers around geological mapping, image processing, and statistical analyses. I am also interested in asteroids, specifically their morphological differences and planetary defense. In my spare time I write and produce my own videos on geological concepts and planetary science to enhance public awareness and understanding of the field (see more at the video link below). 


Arizona State University, Ph.D. (expected summer 2019); Geological and Planetary Sciences

Johns Hopkins University, BS (2014); Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, minors in Mathematics and Space Science and Technology


My Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellow capstone project on paleontology in America

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