Feifei Zhang

Grad Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Geological Sciences
Liberal Arts & Sciences




Research Interests

Trained as a geologist and a geochemist, my research is grounded in the perspectives and practices of isotope geochemistry. I am broadly interested in the chemical evolution of ocean and atmosphere and their cause and effect relationships with the evolution of animals. In particular, I am keen to exploring the cause(s) of biological innovation and mass extinction events in history, the feedbacks among climate-continental weathering-marine productivity-marine redox-marine ecology at key evolutionary periods, and calibration of geochemical proxies using modern archives. The ultimate goal of my research is to better our understanding of Earth's past, present, and future, and how the Earth evolved as a habitable planet. 


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Zhang F., Algeo T.J., Romaniello S.J., Zhao L., Chen Z.-Q., Cui Y., Anbar A.D., Congruent Permian-Triassic δ238U records at Panthalassic and Tethyan sites: confirmation of global-oceanic anoxia and validation of the U-isotope paleoredox proxy. Geology 46 (4): 327-330, https://doi.org/10.1130/G39695.1.

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