Emilie Dunham

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Graduate Student
Geological Sciences
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I am a Geosciences PhD candidate and NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow in the Center for Meteorite Studies of the School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University.  My current advisors are Professors Meenakshi Wadhwa and Steven Desch. I graduated with a B.S. in Astronomy (minors in geology and physics) from Case Western Reserve University in 2014. 

The primary project of my PhD focuses on calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs), which were the first solids to crystallize from the nebular gas surrounding our protostar; because they existed during this early time, they recorded clues about the events which occurred in the early Solar System. I use mass spectrometry techniques to determining chemical and isotopic compositions of meteorites with the goal of deciphering the irradiation environment during Solar System formation.  It is important to study these events because they influenced what our Solar System looks like today!