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SESE Website FAQ

This SESE FAQ page is intended to be a quick reference page for current SESE members to find information about SESE department-wide matters. If you do not see an answer to your question, check here for whom to contact. 

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the SESEALL listserv?
A: The quickest way to unsubscribe from SESEALL is to send an email to with no subject. Write "signoff SESEALL" as the message and send it. If that does not work, Becky Polley ( and Becca Dial ( are in charge of the SESEALL listserv. Please email them with your ASU email address if you would like to be removed. Please do not email the SESEALL listserv to ask to be removed.

Q: How do I reserve a room in ISTB 4 or PSF?
A: Please follow this link to make a room reservation: Please note that you will need to have your Outlook email synced to your computer to complete the request. If you do not have access to the Outlook Calendar, email Rose Petrini ( to schedule. Rose Petrini can schedule requests in PSF and ISTB 4, and Becky Polley ( will schedule reservations for PSF and ISTB 4 if Rose is unavailable.

Q: Where can I find information about filing a travel request?
A : All travel requests can be submitted under your MyASU page, under the Faculty/Employment tab. Look for the My Employment window, and select the Travel tab. Click here for a brief instruction guide on how to fill out the request (this document was written for grad students but can apply to other ASU employees as well). The Business Group can assist with your travel authorization: Juana Garcia (, Laura Craft ( and Amanda Ramos ( are in charge of expenditures for state, local and sponsor accounts. Please use Teresa Robinette as ATO, with other possible ATOs being Kiva James for state/local accounts and Alicia Mangosing for sponsored accounts. Please contact the Business group with any specific questions. You can also email

Q: How do I request building/room access?
A: Chris Skiba ( is responsible for card access in ISTB 4 and PSF. When you contact him, he will need your name, ASU ID number, your badge ID (x*xxxxxx, written on the back lower-right corner of your card), and the building/room number.

Q: To whom do I direct IT questions?
A: Matt Wiser ( is the SESE Systems Support specialist. He can help with ASU owned machines only (not personal laptops). He can help connect printers, help install new hardware and software, and help with internet connectivity, among many other things.

Q: What are the mailing addresses for each of SESE’s buildings?
A: A list of the SESE buildings and addresses can be found here.

Q: When is the next time card due?
A: Time cards are generally due every two weeks, but some timecards must be turned in early due to holidays, school breaks, etc. Melissa Fishback will send out a notice to the SESEALL listserv when this occurs. Do not filter out SESEALL emails or you will not receive these notifications. For more info, contact Melissa Fishback (

Q: Where can I turn in my time cards?
A: The three options are: 1) HR basket at ISTB 4 Mailroom 747, 2) HR basket at PSF 686, behind the reception desk, and 3) Via-email to

Q: How do I enroll for the ASU health benefits program?
A: Go to your MyASU page, click on the Campus Services tab, and click on the Health Insurance link below. At the bottom of the page there will be a link for Enroll/Cancel Health Insurance. The link should walk you through the rest of the process. You only need to register the first semester as an ASU student/staff/faculty; after that, you will be automatically enrolled until you cancel your services. You can un-enroll from the campus health services through the same link. Once you receive your insurance card, you can also create an account through Aetna to manage your health services here:

It may take up to 3 weeks after enrolling in ASU Healthcare to receive your insurance card, although coverage begins immediately.

You can access the main ASU Healthcare webpage here:

ASU has a good description of how the Affordable Care Act will affect the ASU Health Benefits services here:

Q: Where do I send grant/fellowship proposals for approval?
A: Please contact or you may contact the Research Advancement Team: Teresa Robinette ( or Alicia Mangosing (

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