2019 Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Mari Wuollet

Mari Wuollet is a senior at ASU majoring in Earth and Space Exploration with a concentration in geological sciences. Originally, Wuollet transferred to ASU to complete an engineering degree, but after a campus tour including the School of Earth and Space Exploration, she changed her major to geological sciences. “I examined what I truly enjoyed about the classes I’d taken so far,” explains Wuollet, “and on what was really a gut feeling, I changed my major. It was the best decision I’ve made yet. The opportunities and people around me at the School of Earth and Space Exploration are nothing short of awesome!”

Besides coursework, Wuollet enjoys sharing her passion for geology with others. She participates in ASU’s GeoClub, she has worked as a teaching assistant, and even when hiking she’s willing to answer questions people have on the trail. “I love talking about what I’ve learned and getting others interested in the world around us,” says Wuollet.

Of her favorite spot on campus, Wuollet says she likes ISTB4, which is the headquarters for the School of Earth and Space Exploration. “It’s the School’s own mini museum,” she says. She also likes empty geology classrooms or the quiet areas in Noble library as the best study spots.

When asked what she is looking forward to in 2019, Wuollet says she wants to finish up her last year of undergraduate studies strong and have an internship before the end of it. “I’m looking forward to the bridges I’ll be crossing,” she says.

After graduation, Wuollet would like to work as a hydrogeologist in environmental, engineering, or technical consulting. She is also considering graduate school, but would like to have some professional experience before continuing her academic career.

Of her overall experience at ASU, Wuollet says, “I truly feel I have the best mentors and peers. Everyone I’ve gotten to know is genuinely enthusiastic, and whether it’s another hard-working student or an encouraging professor with a challenge, I feel like I’m always improving in some way.”

Photo: Mari Wuollet with her dogs Hoss and Onyxia in Death Valley National Park