2018 Graduation Highlights: Chelsea Allison

This May, Chelsea Allison will be graduating from ASU with her Ph.D. in geological sciences from the School of Earth and Space Exploration.

Originally from Rochester, Minnesota, she grew up watching a lot of educational TV and was fascinated by what our planet is capable of. “I spent many happy days of my childhood collecting and trying to identify rocks,” says Allison. “And now it's part of my job!”

Since her main research interest is volcanoes, ASU was a natural fit. Beyond Arizona’s amazing geology, Allison was able to work with volcano expert, Amanda Clarke, of the School of Earth and Space Exploration, and study Arizona’s Sunset Crater.

In addition, Allison says it was the positive culture that made her choose ASU for graduate school. “During prospective grad student weekend, all of the grad students I met were doing really interesting research and seemed very happy,” says Allison.

A scientist through and through, Allison says her favorite spot on campus is the “Depths of the Earth” lab. “It's a very productive environment, and there are always new and interesting experiments going on there,” she says.

Outside of the lab, she likes Palm Walk when it's beautiful and sunny out. “It's very relaxing to look up and see nothing but palm trees and blue skies,” she says.

After graduation, she will begin a postdoctoral research position at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. We’ll send some Arizona sunshine her way!