Sumner Starrfield

Sumner Starrfield

Regents' Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

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Office: PSF-554
Phone: 1 (480) 965-7569
Fax: 1 (480) 965-8102

About Sumner Starrfield

Sumner Starrfield is a computational astrophysicist who has studied stellar explosions (classical novae, recurrent novae, X-ray bursts, and Supernova Ia progenitors) for more than 30 years using a Lagrangian, hydrodynamic, fully implicit, stellar evolution computer code that incorporates a large nuclear reaction network. He is currently using the CHANDRA X-ray Telescope to study the evolution of RS Oph a possible supernova progenitor and working on 3-dimensional simulations of stellar explosions.


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CV / Resume: Starrfield CV