Steven Semken

Steven Semken

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989

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Office: PSF-506A
Phone: 1 (480) 965-7965
Fax: 1 (480) 965-8960

About Steven Semken

Steven Semken is an ethnogeologist and geoscience education researcher whose research focuses on ways that place, culture, and affect influence modes of inquiry, teaching, and learning in the Earth system sciences. This trans-disciplinary work involves collaborators from diverse branches of geological science as well as from science education, anthropology, geography, and cognitive science. His research is directed toward enhancing public Earth science literacy and diversity in the geoscience profession, and it is predominantly based in the geologically, ecologically, and culturally diverse American Southwest.

Semken regularly teaches the SESE courses Earth Science in Arizona and the Southwest (GLG 301), Field Geology I and II (GLG 451 and 452), Introduction to Geology II-Historical (GLG 102/104), Exploration of Science Teaching (SES 111), and Teaching Earth and Space Sciences (SES 494). Prior to joining ASU in 2003, he taught geology and environmental science for 15 years on the Navajo Nation.

Semken is Deputy Director for Education and Outreach at the EarthScope National Office at ASU, a Past-President and former Distinguished Speaker of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, and a former Fellow of the Institute for Humanities Research at ASU.


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