Alberto Behar

Alberto Behar

Research Professor
Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1998

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Office: ISTB4- 667, 609
Fax: 1 (480) 965-8102

About Alberto Behar

Before coming to SESE, Alberto spent 18 years at NASA/JPL operating, designing, building, testing and deploying scientific instruments and robotics in extreme environments (e.g. Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska, Deep Sea, Inter and Sub-Glacial, Reduced Gravity, Hi-Altitude, Mojave Desert, Volcano, Space/Planetary/Asteroid, Space Station). His primary interests are developing, testing and deploying architectures for future planetary surface spacecraft in remote extreme environments on Earth. His previous studies earned him a PhD in EE (Astronautics Minor) from USC, an ME from Rensselaer and an MS with Specialization in Robotics from USC. He is also active as a Helicopter Instructor, Commercial Airplane Pilot and as is certified as a Scientific and Rescue Diver.


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