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The School of Earth and Space Exploration's on-line multimedia gallery features photographs, audio recordings, video clips, and more. Members of the media are encouraged to visit our Multimedia Newsroom for detailed information on acquiring sound bites, b-roll, and related products.

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Audio Recordings 

KJZZ/NPR - Ariel Anbar "Uncovering Earth's Oxygenation"

KJZZ/NPR - Ariel Anbar "For Space, Water's Not Enough"

KJZZ/NPR - Kip Hodges & Paul Davies "Arizona and Space, a desert frontier"

KJZZ/NPR - Amanda Clarke "Mud volcano" (end of segment)

KJZZ/NPR - Tut Gatyiel "Lost boys of Sudan"

KJZZ/NPR - Jeff Hester "Origins of the Universe"

KJZZ/NPR - Jeff Hester "Phoenix Lights"

KJZZ/NPR - Lawrence Krauss "Origins"

KJZZ/NPR - China Youth Space Academy

KJZZ/NPR - Stan Williams "Volcanoes"

Science Studio - Amanda Clarke "Volcanic eruptions and pyroclastic flows" (Vol. 64)



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SESE: Beyond the Ordinary 2-minute video

Lunar Reconniassance Orbiter Camera YouTube channel

Center for Meteorite Studies YouTube channel

Arizona State University Meteorites

Life at the Tempe Campus 1-minute YouTube

Paying for college 1-minute YouTube

Student research through NASA/ASU Space Grant program 

Mini Wadhwa and Phil Christensen discuss astroids and OSIRIS-REx

Phil Christensen, Regents' Professor (planetary geology, Mars)

Phil Christensen, Mars Research Highlight (Nov. 2010)

Matthew Fouch, Associate Professor (seismology, geophysics)

Lawrence Krauss, on the Colbert Report (June 2012)

Matthew Fouch, Associate Professor (earthquakes)

Laurence Garvie, Research Associate (mineralogy, meteorites)

Hilairy Hartnett, Assistant Professor (oceanographer, biogeochemistry)

Kip Hodges, Founding Director of SESE (Desert RATS, human space flight)

Kip Hodges & Lawrence Krauss, Future of SESE and space exploration

Kip Hodges & Lawrence Krauss, 40th Anniversary of Apollo

Mark Robinson, Professor (planetary geology, the Moon, Mercury)

Steve Ruff, Faculty Research Associate (Google Earth, Mars)

Steve Ruff, discusses Mars rovers on KNOW99

Mini Wadhwa, Professor (meteorites)

Rogier Windhorst, Regents' Profesor (astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics)

Rogier Windhorst, Nature Throws Deep Space Curveball (Feb. 2011)


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