Earth and Space Exploration Day

Saturday, October 25, 2014 (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.) 

Location: Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV (ISTB 4)

Earth and Space Exploration day is a free annual fall event hosted by the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) on ASU’s Tempe campus inside/outside ISTB 4. The SESE community offers special science-related activities from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. for students age five and up, families, educators and anyone interested in exploring Earth and space alongside real scientists. One of the biggest attractions is ISTB 4 with its Gallery of Scientific Exploration offering a variety of interactive exhibits and the Marston Exploration Theater, which will be running 3-D astronomy shows. Visitors can also see a replica of Curiosity rover, explore Tempe Butte on a guided field trip, pan for gold, dig for meteorites, bring rock samples for Dr. Rock to examine and so much more!

SESE’s research portfolio includes projects on every continent of the world, and extends to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and beyond. We are taking photos of the lunar surface with special cameras, sampling the Red Planet using robotic rovers, studying earthquakes big and small, investigating mud volcanoes in Indonesia and much, much more! Each year, the SESE community brings to life its research through innovative hands-on activities as part of this special Earth and Space Exploration Day.


A registration form will be available for you to register your family for Earth and Space Science Exploration Day. Pre-registration helps us anticipate the number of people that will attend Earth and Space Exploration Day this year. Pre-registration also allows a speedy check in for you and your family. Please check back soon for a link to the registration form.

Explore ISTB 4 exhibits | view 2012 photos 


Highlighted Activities: 

The Marston Exploration Theater will be offering 3-D astronomy shows.

The Center for Meteorite Studies features interactive displays, touchable specimens, and a video display of the collection’s specimens. Staff will be on hand to inspect potential meteorite specimens in person. Only one sample will be identified per person.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Science Operations Center, located in Interdisciplinary A, will be open. Visit the Moon rock and enjoy a guided walk through of the Visitors Gallery.

List of activities

Marston Exploration Theater schedule

Make-a-quake interactive activity
Mars Rover Landing X-Box game

3-D visualization of Earth and Mars
Martian life hunters
Astrobiology crafts & activities
Meet Lucy - Institute of Human Origins display
Astronomy 3-D tactiles
Meteorite identification - bring a specimen for identification
Birthquake - discover the biggest earthquake to occur on your birth date
Nature's Flood Forces: A Rainfall-runoff- lab experiment
Bottle rockets (demo)
Presentation of space simulations
Build your own AM radio
Radio Astronomy Experiment (demo)
Build your own solar system
RFI Detectives - Know your EM Spectrum
Dig for meteorites

Rovina the Robot (display and demo)
Dr. Rock - bring a rock specimen for analysis

Salt and pepper rocks
Dr. Water - demonstrations that help explain the properties of water Solar observing - look at the sun through telescopes with special filters 
Driving small robots (demo) Squirt bottle volcanoes
Examine an earthquake machine Sun related activities for younger kids 
Exploding trash can (demo) The Galactic Voyage -- The Electromagnetic Spectrum 
Flourescent mineral activity The Rock Cycle Game  
Flume demonstrations of flow hydraulics
The Science Behind the Film "Everest" (1 p.m.) 
Flying quad-copter robots (display and demo)
Touch and feel real meteorites  
Freezing by Squeezing: Making ice by squeezing
Volcanic rocks
Geology Field Trip to 'A Mountain' Watch a live feed of Solid Rockets blasting off
High Altitude Balloon Group
How fast can you fix the rover? (activity)
Impact cratering experiment, display, and samples


We will hold a series of talks in ISTB 4 room 240 as part of ESE Day activities. Talks will be 25-30 minutes in length, plus Q&A, and will be appropriate for the general public (including children).



  • Hungry? Need caffeine to keep up with the kids?

Food and beverages will be available for purchase from three gourmet food trucks and a coffee cart located outside ISTB 4 for your convenience. They will be located on the north side of Terrace, near the entrance to the Rural Parking structure.

  • Are you an educator or a troop leader?

We provide students with a “passport” that is stamped upon completion of an activity. After the event, some teachers and troop leaders collect the “passports” and award extra-credit or badges based upon the number/types of passport stamps. Ask your child’s teacher or leader if he/she offers credit for this.

Teachers are especially encouraged to attend. Free teacher resources will be available such as educator packets, hand-outs, supplies and posters, as well as contacts for outreach and more educational interactions with ASU scientists and students.

  • Need a momento of your special day?

The ASU GeoClub will be selling minerals and fossil specimens

  • Thank you!

We sincerely thank our local community supporters for their generosity: Hungry Howie's Pizza and Aramark for supporting ESE Day 2013. Support Earth and Space Exploration Day