Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geological Sciences

Please note: This degree is no longer accepting new students. Students interested in a geological sciences degree will be required to declare the Earth and Space Exploration degree with a concentration in geological sciences. This new degree will be effective in Fall 2010.


The BS degree in Geological Sciences provides students a traditional background in geology, drawing upon the fields of chemistry, mathematics and physics. Students gain a strong understanding of field methods as well as modern computing, remote sensing and instrumentation. The modern geological scientist uses computers, satellites, high-tech instrumentation, field mapping and exploration to understand the natural environment and Earth's resources.

The BS degree in Geological Sciences (GLG) consists of 39 semester hours in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, and 28 hours of related courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics. Students in this program are strongly encouraged to become involved in research as part of their undergraduate education and training in geological sciences. Individuals with this degree seek positions in environmental consulting, oil and other natural resource exploration, water and environmental use policy, and teaching. However, it also provides students with basic skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and reasoning which would support almost any profession. The GLG degree is also excellent preparation for graduate study and research in the earth sciences.

The BS degree in Geological Sciences requires the following core courses:
GLG 101 Introduction to Geology I (Physical) SQ, G (3)
GLG 102 Introduction to Geology II (Historical) SG, H (3)
GLG 103 Introduction to Geology I—Laboratory SQ, (1)
GLG 104 Introduction to Geology II—Laboratory SG, (1)
GLG 310 Structural Geology (3)
GLG 321 Mineralogy (3)
GLG 400 Geology Colloquium (1)
GLG 424 Petrology (3)
GLG 435 Sedimentology (3)
GLG 451 Field Geology I L (3)
GLG 452 Field Geology II L (3)
GLG Elective (3)*
GLG Elective (3)*
* Courses must be 300 or 400 level and cannot include GLG 300 or 304
In addition, two of the following branch courses must be taken:
GLG430 Paleontology (3)
GLG418 Geophysics (3)
GLG470 Hydrology (3)
GLG481 Geochemistry (3)

Required courses in other related fields include the following:
CHM 113 General Chemistry I SQ (4)
CHM 116 General Chemistry II SQ (4)
MAT 270 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I MA (4)
MAT 271 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II MA (4)
MAT 272 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III MA (4) or MAT 274 Elementary Differential Equations MA (3)
PHY 121 University Physics I: Mechanics SQ (3)
PHY 122 University Physics Laboratory I SQ (1)
PHY 131 University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism SQ (3)
PHY 132 University Physics Laboratory II SQ (1)

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