Combining Science and Engineering

Welcome to the virtual home of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University!Jim Tyburczy, Interim Director 2013-2014

Launched in July, 2006, SESE - pronounced 'see-see' - is a bold initiative to combine science and engineering research and education to achieve a better understanding of the universe and, especially, our home world. At present, the School unites earth and planetary scientists with astronomers, and has strong collaborative ties with several other academic units at ASU, especially the Fulton Schools of Engineering. While maintaining core strengths and developing new transdisciplinary links among the sciences, we will broaden our scope to include engineering faculty with research interests in the development and deployment of scientific instrumentation on Earth and in space.

The word "exploration" in our name is indicative of our approach. For centuries, the quest for scientific knowledge has been an important driver for human exploration and SESE is dedicated to expanding the

Kip Hodges, Founding Director 2006-2013

frontiers of knowledge through the exploration of Earth, space, matter, time and life. Increasingly, successful exploratio

n depends on a mastery of engineering theory and practice in order to create and adapt technologies for scientific applications. Our research and educ

ational programs are designed explicitly to emphasize the importance of technology in modern science. Borrowing from the expedition of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, we like to think of the SESE community as a "Corps of Discovery" for the 21st Century.

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